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What is the best way to connect a mouse and keyboard to an XBox 360?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) December 17th, 2009

My roommate loves playing First Person Shooters on the 360. I do not. Usually we’d game on the PC, but he has some medical problems that can make it painful to use a mouse for too long. I’m willing to deal with the splitscreen aspect just fine, but I feel like I’m trying to maneuver the Mars Rover when I play these games with a gamepad.

I’ve seen the 60-odd dollar hookup they sell online, but I was wondering if anyone knew a cheaper way to plug in a mouse and keyboard so I can use the WASD set up for first person shooters.

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Duct tape. ‘Nuff said. Isn’t there USB ports right in the front explicitly for things of this nature and wired controllers?

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@Anon_Jihad I’m gonna feel real stupid if that’s all it takes. I’ve heard you can plug in a usb keyboard to type for online games, but I don’t think that lets you use it as a controller.

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You can’t use a standard Keyboard and mouse to play games on an XBOX360. You need something to convert the signals from the keyboard and mouse into something the 360 understands. As far as I know this one from XCM is the only one and reviews said the experience was pretty substandard link

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@liamm There is another way. There are versions of Linux for the Xbox 360 that also have the drivers. Considering that Linux can be used to play FPS games whether it’s on a PC or a console, I felt I had to mention it.

I think it’d be easier to just hook an X360 controller to their PC instead.

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