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Does it annoy you online when some people 'try too hard to be friendly and dynamic?

Asked by YCLYHO (834points) December 17th, 2009

or are you able to ‘turn a blind eye’ or do you see it as a ‘needy person? Do they ever seem insincere with their overt ‘friendliness?

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they can make me feel very wary, and i tend to ‘back off’ – nobody’s that nice are they?

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@YCLYHO Sure, some people have an agenda. I usually can see right through them.

I tend to surround myself with (interact with) genuine folks.

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It really doesn’t annoy me at all. I am a pretty friendly and a people person. My friendship is genuine. And when I say things in an answer/comment/email…............I mean it or I wouldn’t have said it. Friendships are not built on lies! I’d hope they are truely that friendly. Am I wearing “blinders”? Gosh, I hope not.

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Not really. Maybe they are just naturally exuberant, and that trait comes through in their posts.

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it just irritates me when people try too hard to be liked – i am aware its human nature to want to be liked, but its unrealistic that everybody will like us and i’d rather they took a chill pill and back off lols

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I don’t think it’s something that is fair to be annoyed about, in my opinion people who are trying too hard to make friendships are people who are really holding out their hand and need somebody to take hold of it.

I’m not implying that anybody should be friends with somebody out of sympathy, but to perhaps understand why people act like this :)

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@Starson Excellent answer!!!!

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You can’t assume someone is “trying too hard” to be friendly. That’s something only the person doing it can know. Personally, people who are very friendly are the type of people I like being with.

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@DominicX “HIGH FIVE”

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Hm, well, I try to be polite and friendly online, but I try hard to do so in real life too. I do it as a courtesy to others, because it’s how I’d like to be treated in kind. I don’t think it’s needy. At least in my case…

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I dunno, @YCLYHO. I kind of see a few issues with it, the worst being that, if you say anything to them, you’ve probably lost them forever. I think there are an awful lot of bad stuff in the world. If somebody is putting forth that much effort to be NICE, I look the other way. It could be ANYTHING that is causing it.

They may be in the middle of a personal epiphany, having to reassess what they thought they knew. Or in a new environment, or emotionally fragile at the time, or it could be that the person is trying not to offend whomever they’re with at the time. Do you show the same face to your grandmother as you do your gal pals on $1 Shit night at the dance club? That kind of thing. Or, you could just flat-out have it wrong. You don’t know unless you ask (nicely).

For instance, when I first met NUNYA, she drove me nuts. How many fucking exclamation points and excitement can a person realistically ooze from a damn comment? She just COULDN’T be for real. But I was SO WRONG! Nunya, like 90% of the population, is NOT the same on the phone as she is when she writes. Most people aren’t. But she was never fake. She was different in different environments, and that is all.

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We are all needy in one way or another, that is what makes us human. No, it wouldn’t bother me, I had much rather, someone be overly friendly and dynamic, than an unfriendly, hemorroid.

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@phillis i agree wholeheartedly – great answer thanks :)

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OH MY BIG SIS!!!!!!!!!!! Here is some EXCLAMTION POINTS AND CAPS just for you sweetie! I am such a gitty and fun loving person. I have a lot of enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for you kind words Phillis! Glad I could be an example for you. HAHAHAHA!
Phillis is straight as an arrow as well. She says it like it is and no beating around the bush! I just love this lady with all my heart! Talking to her on the phone is funner then talking to Jim Carrey!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! (((HUGS))) to ya Sis!!!!!!

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By the way, my TYPOS have been kicking my damn ASS all day!!! THat was supposed to be ”$1 SHOT night”. Bad typos…..I know, I know. Sue me :)

NUNYA, one more exclamation point outta you and I am going to get you! Jackass looks TAME compared to what I’m gonna do to you :)

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@phillis shit night/shot night… difference. HAHAHAHA One more shot and your shit faced drunk! I would really hate to bring out my can of “whoop ass” on ya! ROFLMAO! OH YA KILL ME GIRL!!!!!! OOOPS….........that was about 6 too many exclamation points….......come on over to Montana and “bring it on”!!! I’ll have the guest room ready, dinner prepared and I’ll leave the light on for ya!
Well Blackberry~She brings out the worst in me! HAHAHA! NOT!

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LOL! Nunya cracks me up.

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Sym and I have been planning to solve the world’s problems by means of a sleep over we’ve been planning for a year now! So , why not plan one with you, too?

bops NUNYA on the head with a pillow

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I’ve been thinking that I needed a reason to stay up all night drinking shots by the light of the moon on a hot summers night…...................with my Mickey Mouse shaped pillow! Generally cuddle the poor fella! But Mickey is willing to help take us back to our childhood and to bring on world peace. Really not too sure of how much sleep we’ll actually get on this “sleep over” though. Phillis and Mickey butting heads BOP!

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Ouch!! Hey!! Cheap shot, NUNYA!
That would be waaaay cool… the light of the moon, huh? Damn, that sounds nice.

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If I could get to you or you get to me…...........bring our families together….........I’d be in heaven Phillis! I always wanted a big sister! (((HUGS)))

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It does not annoy me as much as make me a bit nervous. I tend to back off when someone is that way. I have to ask “why are they wanting to be friends this badly.”

If it turns out that the person is just insecure I will talk to them a bit and, if they stop trying so hard, there is the possibility of becoming friends with them.

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If it’s online I don’t think much about it, but I usually don’t befriend them, because I think it’s tacky and corny.
However, if they’re genuine about it, who am I to judge their personality?

Others who just want to win a Sun shitting contest can gtfo.

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What, you mean ‘online’? there couldn’t be any such thing. Every online relationship, without any personal contact is ‘what you see is what there is’.

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I think I understand what she means. It’s BECAUSE of the “what you see is what there is” that makes it even more of an issue online, because you don’t have the benefit of seeing facial expressions or body language. That alters our judgements. Or it could just be Sym, she’s weird anyway :)

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Right because there are a thousand happy people online, just as there are a thousand angry, disturbed and broken people online. There’s people everywhere, but just like when I go to work, I may say hi to everyone who greets me, but I’m probbaly never gonna see them again. So I mean I don’t look past it much unless somehow, I connect with someone, happy or emo, and we become friends.
As for the online issue, well that’s what the question was asking. :/

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Cool! I love it when I guess right. Hahahahaha!! Silliness ;)

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