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Is your name on the top 100 Name list for 2009?

Asked by Raine (330points) December 17th, 2009

Here is the link for boys-

And here is the one for girls-

Too bad Juni isn’t on there.. :(

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Nope. “Chelsea” isn’t on there. I don’t mind though. The less people with my name, the better. Hah.

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#4 for girls.

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Yes! Number # 48!

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Nope. It’s unusual enough to be uncommon, but common enough to not be flaky.

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Chaley isn’t on there. I’m glad though. I don’t know anyone with my name, and I like it that way.:)

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Dammit! Janet’s not on the list. :(

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No, but I’m sure it was just an oversight. :)

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I thought for sure I would see my name. Pretty popular name I thought. I bet if I looked on the boy’s list it will probably be there.

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And I would like to know just who the hell names their daughter #95.

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#84 for the females.

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I was correct. It is listed under the boys.

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@holden I thought the same thing! And #60 and #90 I’ve only seen as a boy/man’s name.
No my name is not on the list. But out of the entire list of 100, I came up with only 7 names that are people I know (girl names). I was quite surprised. Boys names I know a few more of those names. My son’s name is on that list. In the top 35.

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Sure beats “Leviticus.”

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Nope. Not my first name, middle name, or nickname.
But i am glad to see Hunter listed. I nearly named my son that 22 years ago.

holden's avatar

@laureth but only by a few chapters.

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Well my nickname is #39 and my real name is #20.

I think its funny people started naming their kids Jack, it use to be only a nickname. It would be like naming your kid Bill.

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Can’t find an AstroChuck anywhere on the list. However I did see that AstroCharles is #63.

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One is, one isn’t.

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Nope, and good… there already is toooo many stephanies as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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first name #5 middle name #13

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I am #76.

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my nickname is #14. my first name is #68. my middle name is #62, but i spell mine differently. my sis is near the top. #10.

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My name has never been on a top 100 name list. And it sure as hell beats a lot of the names on that list.
I don’t see my husbands, which is sort of surprising…I figured his name would be on the list.

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In the top twenty.

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I’m not there. My legal girl-name isn’t on that list anymore, either, but it was when I was born.

@casheroo: Huh… It is surprising that your husband’s name isn’t on there.

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hey i was on number. 2 last year now I’ve dropped down to number 5 :(

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@MacBean I looked it up with SSA and it’s #148. Mine is’s been drifting off the list since the hurricane haha

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I’m not on the list. :(
<starts to cry>
@holden I know a lot of girls with the name of #95

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The way my name is spelled, Brenden, is a bit abnormal of a spelling for that name, so it isn’t on there. My work has had my name spelled wrong on my name tag for 3 years and I haven’t made a peep. I’m fine with people botching the spelling on my name. It doesn’t bother me too much.

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Well, now I have to go to the SSA site and check to see how my names rank…

I’m #340! Stupid girl-name is #138.

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NO. I am surprised. But “Emma” as #1???? Who would have thunk!

TominLasVegas's avatar

No,but it will be for 2010

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Sure is. It better be!

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No.Not many people have the nerve to name their kid ”!@#$%^”..It’s usually just reserved for a nickname ;)

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I’m actually surprised that my name isn’t on there.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

Nope, not my real name nor my nickname. But my friend’s first and last name are both there, right next to each other, in order. Huh.

Haha, both Zoe and Zoey are on the list.

edit: I just checked; my name is going more and more out of fashion.

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My name is not there, neither are the names of any of my sons or my boyfriend.

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No, Paul isn’t so common anymore I guess. My middle name John is up on there though.

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@casheroo is your name Katrina? If it is, that’s funny because I have at least two friends with that name.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Just my middle name, #17.

casheroo's avatar

@holden Yes, that’s my name :)

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Sadly, Absalom has fallen out of use.

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Why, yes, it is. Thanks for asking.

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I’m number 45 for the ladies, although I spell mine differently. I’m really surprised my nickname, Kate, isn’t up there.

My momma is number 54!

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Yes, but I have an alternate spelling.

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Well, that figures, my name is nowhere to be seen on the list, but our damn African Grey Parrot (who talks in my voice & curses as if possessed…..I have no idea where he learned that shit) named Kaden, clocks in at #99. But, I am not alone…Sherry didn’t make the girls list and besides Kaden, the only one of our pets (all male) to make the list is Thomas, the cat, at #52. So out in the cold with me and Sherry are Spencer, the Italian Greyhound and Buddy the cat, whereas Bailey the Miniature Piebald Dachshund can at least claim his name appears on the girls list at #82 (of which Spencer is taking great delight in teasing him about). See ya…..Gary/wtf
PS: And neither whatthefluther nor my nickname “wtf” appear…...what’s the world coming to?

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YES! Mine is finally out of the Top 10 but it still made Top 20 :(

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No, my (real) name is not, and never has been in the top 100. However, both of my grandsons of the past two years are on the list.

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#1 – if I ever find myself in a playground, I’m surrounded by lots of little Emma’s. I also have met a significant number of dogs by the name of Emma as well…

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@whatthefluther dude, I lurve you.

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@casheroo What’s funny is that the name Katrina DID spike for several months in 2005, likely due to people hearing it because of the hurricane- it was enough to boost it several spots before a sharp decline in 2006. (I love

According to the SSA, my name was #103 last year. This is the first time it has not been in the top 100 for at least 30 years.

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Indeed. #63 I’m ordinary, I guess.

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Nope and I don’t forsee it happening for some time. I have an old name.

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@Pandora Do you get tired of guys asking you “How’s your box?”

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No. My name is Gretchen and I almost never hear it.

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