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Does anyone know a means for Anonymous Gift Giving via email?

Asked by hearkat (22797points) December 17th, 2009 from IM

I have some online friends who are dealing with serious financial and health hardships. I want to set up a means for myself and other friends to anonymously gift cash to them, without anyone overseeing it – if at all possible. I tried PayPal, but they don’t do anonymous donations.

I then tried, but they need the mailing address. They told me that they’re in negotiations with PayPal to allow anonymous donations without fees, but that doesn’t do me any good in the here and now.

Does have ideas to help my friends out?

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Couldn’t you set up an account at a bank thru an attorney…

He couldn’t reveal who his client (you) were ..and donations would go directly into the account .

The lawyer could then issue the final check whenever YOU wanted ..

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@HighShaman: These are people I only know online, and I was hoping to find a way that others who know them could also send something. Most in our group of friends are working-class-folk; but if a bunch of us sent a bit, the combined amount could be very helpful.

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Be CAREFUL @hearkat .... There are MANY online scams that people PRETEND to be hard up just to get some kind hearted soul to help them via $$$$$ ...

I would not recommend helping anyone you met online until you KNOW they are really hard up .

Call a church in their area and have them look in to it for you ..many will do that . I’d hate to seee you and others be scammed and it happens EVERY day .

Good Luck !

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If by online friend, you are referring to people you have never met in person and have not talked to on the telephone, beware. I deliberately do not refer to anyone I have ‘met’ online as a friend, because to me a friend is someone you know their address, their phone number, and have met in person.

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@HighShaman and @YARNLADY:
I appreciate your concern.

However, I have known these people for two or more years, through good times and bad, in their lives and mine. We are part of an online community (similar to what we have on Fluther, but I am even closer to these people). These are real people with real financial and other personal hardships.

I have met some in person, some I have not. I do have access to their personal information, but want to limit it to email donation so others might donate, without me having to divulge their info without their consent.

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@hearkat: It might be possible to get a bank or charity to agree to be the designated holder of their account. There would probably be a fee involved.

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