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Can I say I am sorry for screwing up fluther?

Asked by disturbed_broken (753points) December 17th, 2009

I accidently used text speak in a question, and I suck at spelling.
I also posted a answer I guess i should not have done.
I just feel really, really bad for screwing up and was wondering if I will get kicked off?
Im sorry everyone.

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I don’t think you “screwed up Fluther”. I can still log in and make comments and ask questions so it is all good. Move on….what are they going to do, send you to Fluther prison?

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You are still here. Don’t repeat, you should be fine.

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If the mods don’t like your question, they make you re-submit it for review. Nothing more than that.

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You need to adjust to this site.
It isn’t like AB.
Moderation is stricter people are more uptight
and you have to work harder to form a question that will actually stick making it ‘work’, not always fun
Maybe you should lay off the cutting questions and contact people privately for advice. You can always talk to me.

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Oh, my goodness, @disturbed_broken, it sounds like you just made a little mistake. Don’t worry about it. The mods are here to help, and if they felt you needed a little coaching, that’s all it is. You’re new and will catch on. I didn’t see what you did, but it doesn’t sound like much of a problem to me. Problems are people who come on here and start baiting and flaming people left and right.

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No problem disturbed!!! Honest! You are YOUNG (16?) and we all make mistakes! This isn’t AB and so you are learning a whole new set of rules. Don’t you worry yourself for one second! It is all just fine! (((HUGS))) to ya!

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Calm down.

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I’m sure it’s fine. Just gotta realize it’s different from most other Q&A, and enjoy it for what it’s worth.

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Ok, thanks.
I am sorry, I just felt really bad.

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You can always send apologetic non-private comments to those involved. Most Flutherites appreciate that :)

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Don’t worry about it! You’re still getting a feel for Fluther. The mods understand that.

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You could say that…if you actually screwed something up. Which you didn’t, so don’t sweat it.

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@disturbed_broken Nothing is broken. :)

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i checked ,,, and nope .. the fluther site is not disturbed ..or broken ;-)
you are fine , dont beat yourdelf up for it .

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It’s fine – there’s nothing to worry about! You definitely will not get kicked off for that!

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I have had tons of stuff removed. Don’t worry about.

One thing you can do is send a copy of what you want to ask in private comment to someone that has been here for a while to check it out.

Don’t feel bad. My last question was sent for editing becuase I used “to” instead of “too”.

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Repeat after me:

“Forgive me, O Fluther gods. All praise to Ben, Andrew, Tim, and Dr. J. I have committed an appalling and dreadful miscue and beg your forgiveness. I pledge eternal troth to thee.”

Now repeat that 50 times and you might be forgiven. And no using copy and paste.

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@AstroChuck – Is that true or are you just screwing with me?

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Would I lie?

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My recommendation is that you self-destruct. That’s what I did, anyway, the first time I was moderated inappropriately. I shut down my whole account!

Look. Many of the mods are young, and while they mean well, they sometimes don’t understand the craft in questions that go over their heads. It can be really annoying. Really, really annoying. Sometimes you don’t even have to change a question. Just resubmit it when there’s a changing of the guard.

I will say this. For every good question they throw out because they don’t get it, they throw out about fifty bad questions.

Of course my point of view is somewhat suspect, since I nearly commit suicide every time someone tells me I’m not good enough. I’m king of the over-reactors. Which should not be confused with a nuclear reactor, even if the result is similar.

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@AstroChuck: I just read your last comment and looked at your avatar and then busted out laughing!! Classic AC

@disturbed: even though the site is run tighter than AB we don’t take ourselves too seriously here…_that_would break Fluther…pushed to editing just means that it needs to be corrected to make it presentable according to Fluther’s standards. We used to see influxes of dozens of txtspk-ers just trash the site, and since those days, the community takes a more vigilant approach to maintaining the quality.

Not to be confused with taking out the humor in discussions…as long as it’s tasteful.

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@Corporate_Avenger :: Copying and pasting is frowned upon if the content is on another site. If you do it make sure to link to your source.

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@AstroChuck LOL should we be on our knees or prostrate when we do this?

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Yes, you would.


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Wow it is okay! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know it is easy to feel inadequate with this crowd sometimes I do all the time, but they are usually very forgiving and don’t lynch people for mistakes. Well for the most part :) Welcome to fluther!

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@Merriment- It couldn’t hurt.

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@johnpowell – I don’t believe I have cut and pasted anything on this thread…nope, I’ve looked, definitely not. If I have done so in another thread, please let me know by way of comment. I think that would be a better way to handle it, don’t you?

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@Corporate_Avenger :: I’m saying that if you google an answer and copy a paste another chunk of text that you didn’t write in here and don’t attribute it you suck.

I believe they call it plagiarism in academic circles.

I accused you of nothing. I was giving a tip to the community as a whole. I think we are talking about different things.

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@johnpowell – I reiterate, if I have done so, please be so kind as to bring a specific instance to my attention, so that I may learn from it. I simply ask that you have the courtesy to do so by way of a private comment, not as a challenge in an open thread. Obviously, your post was directed at me because it started off as @Corporate_Avenger.
If I have erred, I can assure you that it was an unintentional error and I will be glad to apologize. But I need to know of what you speak.

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@johnpowell, are you referring to this

And no using copy and paste.

in @AstroChuck‘s post?

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@AstroChuck – Is that true or are you just screwing with me?

That is what I you said. I assumed it was referring to copy and paste. Chuck was clearly making a joke and you seemed to take it seriously. I was just using that as a springboard to address the copy and paste thing.

Relax. I accused you of nothing.

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I thought @Corporate_Avenger was just playing along with AC’s joke about praying to the Fluthergods for forgiveness.

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Ahhhhh, now I get it. I was merely funning with @AstroChuck about praying to pagan gods and such. I am aware that cut and paste should be noted. It was a miscue is all…no worries, johnpowell.
@jeruba, thanks for making the light go on. I was about to go all Jackie Chan on johnpowell!

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No problem. Sorry about the confusion.

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@AstroChuck – ha! Okay I will file this information away and purchase some knee pads immediately :)

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What? I don’t see any problems – I am pretty sure only Tim can mess it up.

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This is just an impression of mine, @disturbed_broken, but I think that the mods would talk to you directly, in private, if you did something wrong. If they have not, I doubt you have done something wrong.

I know what it is like to be at a site where what you see is the tip of an iceberg. I just do not think this is one of them.

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Btw, I simply meant no copying and pasting when writing the penance 50 times. I did not mean C&P from other sources.

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You seem to be forgiven. Next time we take your thumbs. ~

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Just the fact that you are worried about this is a very good sign. Most people don’t even realize this. Self-reflection is the key to personal growth and success. Keep at it and welcome to Fluther!

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Btw, I simply meant no copying and pasting when writing the penance 50 times. I did not mean C&P from other sources.

Yeah. What he said.

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