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Do you consider yourself a jealous person?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11349points) December 17th, 2009 from iPhone

Let’s pretend you’re in a serious relationship and both parties are happy with each other. If you’re s/o goes out to a bar/club/party with their friends and accepts drinks or dances with a member of the opposite sex (or same sex if they’re gay), would you be offended? Assume your s/o shares this with you and informs you on all the details of their night. They keep no secrets. Would you consider what they did to be inappropriate or innocent flirting? Put yourself in that situation…Would you have done the same thing? As long as there are no lines crossed (sexual touching, kissing, exchanging of phone numbers, sex) would you personally involve yourself in this kind of behavior? After all, it does feel good to get a little extra attention every now and then. Just to be reminded that you’re still good looking, right? :)

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I will be, I just can’t help it. But not enough to make a big deal out of it. I’m sure he gets annoyed when I hug my guy friends anyways.


I am very rarely jealous of anything. I have nothing to be jealous of, and even if the situation presents itself, I am more “envious” than jealous.

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Yes, I am…. I don’t like it and it has cost me dearly in the past .

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Maybe I am. So, who else you been talking to…who is he??? Tell me NOW!! I want to know what you’ve got going on with him—- dang it!

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No, I don’t consider myself a jealous person.

I’m happy for the old fart hubby if he gets a second glance :)

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I used to be very jealous. It was a serious problem and it was really bad at one point with my ex boyfriend. I just typed a good bit about it, but it honestly embarrasses me and I prefer not to talk about it.

Anyhow! Nowaday I’m not a jealous person at all. It’s weird, because with my ex boyfriend that I was really jealous about, he was shy and quiet and I was with him all the time, so there was never anything I should have been suspicious about, but I always was. It was dumb. But now, even though my boyfriend is several states away (ONLY FOR 36 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I’m very rarely jealous at all. He hangs out with a lot of girls and he is gorgeous and nice and funny, but I think the thing is that I am more confident in myself and our relationship than I was before. I was really insecure for some reason so I projected that onto the ex. I hate myself for acting that way with him, I feel bad about it. Really bad. But. It was a learning experience and I think that’s why I’m not like that anymore…I realized how stupid it was.

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Nah, if it is gonna happen, it is just gonna happen. I am so far from being jealous! I am as easy going as a person can get! Life goes on….............I won’t “beg” for him to stay! If I have to question his intensions then we weren’t meant to be together…...bottomline!

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@NUNYA good point. if you feel like you have to worry about someone all the time…thats probably not a good indicator of where the relationships goin.

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Agreed @deni! Can’t spend your life worrying about the “what if’s”! Either it IS or it AIN’T! Thanks deni!!!

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@NUNYA I agree. I think it shows a person’s insecurites when they’re jealous. In my eyes, that makes them so unattractive! My fiancĂ© is the jealous type. I’m not. When women flirt with him, I smile, because I know he’s mine and trust him not to cheat. I see nothing wrong with girls flirting with him. Too bad he doesn’t think the same way I do.

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I used to be, but not anymore. I trust my husband and his commitment to me on a level I never thought was possible.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 doesnt it kind of make you happy when other women flirt with him? yeah, cause like you said, he’s yours, and it makes you proud that you’re the one who gets to go to sleep with him at night right? aww.

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Only if I need to be.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 & @deni AGREED! Cause you can look at them as you walk out the door with him! Give him a good butt grab as ya walk past them! LOL

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I’m not really jealous, but obvious flirting, which would embarrass me, is what I would not be okay with.

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I guess I’d call myself a jealous person… I would probably be bothered, a bit… or…. a lot…. ?..

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No, I wouldn’t be bothered by those circumstances, unless it became a weekly occurrence, and nothing happened. A little flirting does a lot for confidence sometimes.

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I’m half and half. I’m proud when other women stare or attempt to flirt with him, but wanna kick some ass at the same time haha :)

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No. I think it would kind of turn me on to see someone be all aflutter over my wife.

I’ve never really been the jealous type. If someone doesn’t want to be with me, oh well. There is always someone else.

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I’ll admit that I am. Not nearly as bad as I used to be. I’m sure it has a lot to do with how I have been treated by guys before I met my husband. I think my past has much to do with my jealousy.

My father was/is a great father, but I hardly ever saw him. We had great family vacations, but that was about it. My mother would pace the living room, waiting for him to come home. I didn’t find out until I was 30 that my father had affairs when I was young and this is why he was always “working late”. I grew up with a very insecure mother. for obvious reasons.

I looked for male attention in all the wrong places growing up and got burned every time. I don’t think there was one man/boy/bear/pig that had any respect for me. Whenever I did have a good guy like me, I would end up ruining it with my jealousy. I felt that I wasn’t deserving of their kindness and would get jealous of the first girl that flirted with him.

It has taken many years to get over this with the help from a loving, understanding and patient husband. You can dance with him, but you can’t touch! ;)

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I’m not going to lie, I’d be a bit jealous. A bit.

The thing is, I’ve been bad in the past (not this relationship) where I was the one out dancing/accepting drinks and at the time, I thought it was harmless. But, when it happened with my partner (someone flirted with her), I became jealous.

I’m not as bad as I used to be.

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yes, i can be…

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I am not jealous. Whatever makes that person happy is okay with me. You cannot control others, it only drives them away.

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If I was really close to my partner and we trusted each other it would be easier than if we were having communication or trust issues. I we had issues with trust and respect it would be very hard for me yes. If the partner is mean or doesn’t respect you it’s hard to trust them. It’s about respecting each other. Control is a whole separate issue.

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Like a hook… Only when baited

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When I am in a relationships, I’m not really a jealous person.I am a secure person in a relationship, I have no need to control them or anything. If they do me wrong, I can easily let them go. I usually gets jealous when it comes to my siblings which is weird.

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