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What consumer product are you a "fan" of?

Asked by Baggins (361points) December 17th, 2009

For me, I have been using BreathRight Nasal Strips for years and I swear by them. They are my customer forever. What’s a product that YOU swear by?

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I am a big fan of a brand of tea called Guayaki. It is a yerba mate tea from Brazil. In particular, I absolutely LOVE their ‘Pure Mind’ pomegranate tea. It is the most refreshing thing on the planet, for me. They are a bit pricy, so I only treat myself to them occasionally. Sad, but it makes my day to have one.

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Windsor Newton artist’s oil paints. They behave and hold up just like the manufacturer promises.

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I’m a huge fan of Central Market. Hands down favorite grocery store I’ve ever been to, no contest. I literally look forward to going to the grocery store. I feel absolutely exhausted when I leave though. A lot of other people love CM too, I guess. It’s freaking crowded!

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The effectiveness of Windex can’t be exaggerated. Not only does it clean windows and other glass surfaces with minimal streaking, it can be used as an all-purpose cleaner to clean almost any surface. I use it to clean just about anything. It’s one of the few things that can get that sticky residue left by stickers off. It also kills ants.

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Hostess….......Ding Dongs! HA!

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La Fin du Monde. Hmm, nine percent. Sips.

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Buf-Puf facial scrubby sponges — some try to claim they’re bad for your skin, but I’ve been using them for over a quarter century, and my skin looks great!

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Diet Coke.

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Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. You won’t have a drop of sweat. I swear!

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@jonsblond:I beg to differ, as I sweat in it right now.

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@Symbeline Nice to know I’m not the only one, though I switch between that and Don de Dieux.

I am pretty neutral on most things, but there are two things I swear by since I fond them better than their competition; Acer laptops/netbooks and Pepsi.

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Coffee. I enjoy Allegro – French Roast, but my severe coffee addiction prevents me from being too picky.

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@DominicX hahahaha you are like a walking talking commercial for windex :)

for me, burts bees. all of it. mostly the original chapstick, but i like other products as well. they’re all good.

also johnsons body lotion. simple, cheap, good.

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The wind chill’s 2 below zero farenheight and it’s blowing right through the window by this machine. Right now, a little space heater would top my list. :-)

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@Blondesjon Cradle of Filth; own.

@jerv I love most of the Unibrew beer. just a little pricey though. :/

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@La_chica_gomela Damn. and I thought I had it bad.

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@deni . . . carmex. it is the listerine of lip balms. you can feel it working.

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Apple for computers

Carhartt, Dickies and Ben Davis for for clothes.


Brylcreem. “A little dab will do ya”.

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@Blondesjon I have used carmex before. i do like it…but it is a tad greasy in my opinion. or from what i remember. am i right? hm?

I also like Coleman flannels. but I can never find smalls and it PISSES me off

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@jonsblond: It’s 40 degrees outside, too! What do my armpits have to complain about right now? My feet are freezing!

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OH! also. st. ives exfoliating scrub. i like my face to feel like a babys butt. its glorious.

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Vitamin Water.

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OPI Nail Polish

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Adult Swim.

GA @jmah, OPI has great colors! I like that grippy cap/ brush handle too.

La Fin du Monde Lurve @Symbeline

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@proXXi That stuff stays on forever and the colors are awesome!

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I love those new extra flourescent colors.

I’ve got black metallic right now..

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@jmah Hey you! Go to bed!

Ninewest shoes. They carry the size I need.
Wet Naturals lube. It’s the only thing that doesn’t irritate my very sensitive bits.

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@Facade come cuddle.

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@jmah On my way…with swiss rolls

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Jones Soda. They have fortune cookies on the caps; that fact alone makes me want it.
Followed closely by Zune. No one else likes it, but it’s the only player I know of that can be engraved with artwork for only $10.

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@Facade yes, ma’am, that could be all sorts of fun. ;-)

I really need to go to bed..

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Count Chocula

(good for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

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Carmex for the lips. I have three little jars kicking around here somewhere. I always have some on me.

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Prada Suits.

Woah, didn’t see that one coming, did you!

Edit: Considering that I’ve booked 3 commercials by wearing that suit, it’s more than paid itself off. Plus I look great in it.

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We want proof @andrew. Picture please? ;)

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I have discovered this cleaning product that just says ‘spray with bleach’. It’s the most amazing thing ever and I can’t live without it. I clean everything with it. ...and then there is also blistex.

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@andrew Is that a pink tie? Adorable! :D

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K├Ânig Ludwig Weiss (Royal Bavarian Weissbier)
Seiko watches
Sony Playstation

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It fascinates me.

I can actually drive somewhere without arguing with my wife about directions.

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Lip Fusion XL lip plumping gloss. I’ve been using it for 3 years, and my lips are softer and smoother than they were when I was a kid. With consistent use, you need it less and less… it’s that good!

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@annamarie703 Yeah, you’re definitely going to need some Blistex when you clean your lips with Spray with Bleach. :-)

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Celestial Seasonings teas. I have tried other brands, but they just don’t taste as good.

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WD40. Amazing stuff.
Duct tape.
Bag Balm. I use it for everything!

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