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What question would you ask again, if given the chance?

Asked by jonsblond (43911points) December 17th, 2009

Have you asked Fluther a question, maybe on a slow night, that didn’t get many responses and you wish that more people could have answered?

Have you been itching to ask a question that you asked before, because you’d like some input from the new neighbors?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask it again?

Links would be great. Let’s get some old questions going again.

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Corny, but I’d ask someone for forgiveness. They probably wouldn’t though. ^^

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What question would you ask again, if given the chance?

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I just want to know how to ask the question I need to ask but can’t seem to express.

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How does a limbless person get their identification taken?
I asked this a good while ago and never really got a definitive answer.

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I’ve been planning on simply re-asking a couple of my old questions. I didn’t realize it was prohibited.

I’m gonna try it at some point, when I’m not feeling lazy.

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@drdoombot- Well? What are they?

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@jonsblond I’d ask you to marry me, instead of that fellow you ended up with, together with his toe jam! ;-)

It’s a joke! It’s a joke. Put down that pitchfork now, @blondesjon. You might hurt yoruself.

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I am asking about the specific episode “Monk is the Best Man”. There are several other actors listed for other episodes, but not this one.

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I don’t think it is prohibited. We get lots and lots of repeat questions, sometimes only days or even hours apart. Who’s to say that all repeat questions must come from unique askers? We don’t have a rule like that.

If someone went to the trouble of checking to see whether one of mine were something that I had actually asked before, I would probably give that person a great big >> SMOOCH << for being so adorably compulsive.

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What’s so special about salt and pepper?

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@ChazMaz – they were the first real female rap group to be taken seriously.

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Would you all please help me in achieving my first orphan?

It lasted 22 minutes and then somebody went and answered the fucking thing.

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How about this one?

@Jeruba I like it better when all the answer to any one question are in one place, which doesn’t happen when the same question appears multiple times.

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