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Do you mind if people answer questions from the 'archives'?

Asked by Confuscious (957points) December 17th, 2009

It’s happened a couple of times that I’ve answered questions and only later realised that the question was already a month+ old.
Would you rather we leave those alone, or do you welcome old questions being brought back to life?

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No, not at all. That is why they appear on the right hand side of the page, and are always available to us through the search feature.

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Google indexes this site like mad. People searching for answers stumble here all the time from google. Even if it is a year old it will be seen.

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I love it when the archives are answered!

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I hope not, because that’s where most of the adult questions are.

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I don’t. And I hope that people don’t mind if I do this.

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Absolutely not. Answer away! I have lots of old questions myself that I would love more feedback on.

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People still look at old threads. Some are still following them. You can answer a question that is a year and a half old and receive a GA five minutes later. So go for it. Sometimes an old thread gains a whole new life.

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It’ll definitely be good (= Keep the answers coming in !

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Fluther questions never die. I’ve enjoyed, in this latest influx, having many classic questions brought to the fore again.

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I think its better to answer those old questions. Even the question is old, new answers give a new perspective to things.

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I don’t even look at the date.

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I think that this is even welcome by the people who created this site, as there is a reward (Davy Jone’s Revenge) that rewards you whenever you answer a 6 week old question with a Great Answer.

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I have been quite pleased to see that since we have had a whole new bunch of people join that some of the older questions have had more attention. It’s nice when I see a question that really interested me active again after so long!

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Answer away!

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As long as they’ve actually taken the time to read through the thread, great! It’s kind of annoying if they don’t actually add anything to the discussion that hasn’t already been covered.

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Every question deserves an answer… if you weren’t here when the question was asked that’s not your fault… and you have a right to contribute. I for one welcome contributions to older questions…. it gives you more POV’s and a broader perspective.

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I like this question! Being new to the site, I have looked through some of the older questions and was a little shy to answer. Thanks for all the support, everyone!

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I hate it so much.

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I see what you did there…

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Case and point @Confuscious this question is three years old, but it was still fun to read.

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It doesn’t bother me, in fact I occasionally search the archives just for grins.

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I sometimes like to revive an old q just for sh*ts and gr*ns!

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