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What are some great iPhone web apps?

Asked by bottlerocket (106points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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WordBreaker is a fun game
Facebook has a really well-designed app
Leaflets offers a nice iPhone-formatted version of the New York Times and
ThinCloud and PocketTweets are two great Twitter clients can be useful for finding show times
Oh yeah, and don’t forget about Fluther!

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newsgator’s feed reader
digg for iphone
fluther for iphone

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Flytunes is pretty cool- it’s a way to listen to the ‘radio’ on your iPhone! Not sure how it works though…!

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I just mentioned it on another thread here, but is a great way to find good webapps. All the above apps can be found there. I also like FlickIM, Jivetalk, and SeekPod.

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I like earthcomber. It’s great for finding interesting things near me

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Just check any social site that you use for example; Stickam the webcam community will be making a program, facebook already has a program, REAL will be making a program, and myspace is in the process of making better prorgrams.

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