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How do I find a quality couch that will last?

Asked by Snarp (11189points) December 18th, 2009

I’m looking to buy a new couch, but it seems the options are restricted to high-end designer furniture, or low quality discount furniture. I don’t want a discount couch that won’t last any longer than the one I have now, I want a piece of furniture that will be out of style and ugly, but still comfortable and functional when my kids are grown and move out. Where do I even start looking for a quality piece of furniture? Even if I pay for something from a higher end store, am I really getting something that’s better made than the discount furniture store’s product?

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Considering the price and quality, very hard to beat Ashley’s furniture!

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Go local and independent. You might pay a bit more up front but in the long run you’ll have a dealer who will stand by their work. And by “their work” I mean a person who sells the stuff actually makes it because that is what they love to do and not someone who will never see your couch. Check yelp if you live in a larger city. If you live in Chicago head directly for Brimfield or Roost in the Andersonville neighborhood.

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Anything built by the Amish is good.

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The best quality sofas made today come from either North or South Carolina. to be sure you have a quality made sofa, raise the center cushion and check the tag from the factory, installed there. never buy furniture Made In China. Ashley Furniture Stores have really good quality furniture. check one out.

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I would check out thrift and second hand furniture shops and shop for a heavy well made frame that has an overall shape that appeals to you. Ignore the condition of the upholstery and padding. Then use the $$ you’ve saved to have it re-upholstered in the fabric of your choice. The workman will replace padding as needed too.

Pretty much all furniture used to be built from a hardwood frame. Over about the last 20 years, manufacturers have been shifting to softwoods and sometimes even plywood. Joints used to be connected with screws or dowels plus glue. Cheap modern stuff is stapled and if you’re lucky glued. It’s no wonder the modern furniture falls apart in a few years. The older frames will last a very long time. Plus you’re recycling and contributing to the local economy.

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Check to see if there’s a family run furniture store in your area, find a style that you like and get them to special order the fabric for the style you like. The fabric is the least important part of a couch, because it can be covered up or replaced. You want a couch with either steel or joined wood frame, and coils that are eight way hand tied. When you lift up the seat cushions, and push down on the deck, you should not be able to hear the coils make any noise.

Select fabric based upon your lifestyle and how you plan to use the couch. As much as muslin covered couches look stylish, if you tend to sit on it in blue jeans, watching television and eating, or stretching out for napping, then you will need a darker, more durable fabric. If you have a couch custom covered, it’s worth the money to get an extra set of seat cushions made at the same time, and rotate them. Some people get a slipcover made to fit the couch at the time they order it, allowing them to change the look of the room from summer to winter.

Scotchguard the fabric to help repel dirt.

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before you buy ask if they know what the base of the couch if made of.. DON’T buy one with pressboard base.. Make sure it is constructed of Hard Wood.

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