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Any fun iPhone apps?

Asked by Jds6s4 (5points) December 18th, 2009 from iPhone

So I just got my first iPhone an I haven’t downloaded apps yet
do ya recommend any good one?!!!!?

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Tap Tap Revenge (it’s free).

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Hi @Jds6s4. As you might expect, this question has been asked several times before. You might want to try typing ‘iPhone apps’ in the search box at the top right, to see what other people have previously replied.

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Flight Control, Flick Fishing, Wild West Pinball, iPint, Crash Kart, Pocket Father Ted, Paper Toss, Wunder Radio, Sol Free…..............

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Paper Toss, Brain Tuner, Blowfish, Sudoku, Trism, Brain Toot – some of my favs :)

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I third Paper Toss, addictive!

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geoDefense is amazing!

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Enigmo, Auditorium, ZenBound, Peggle, Lux Touch (it’s the board game Risk), Pocket God, Pandora, Urbanspoon, Fluther (of course!), Skype, Google Earth, Edge, Biggest Brain.

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If you like ringtones, there are 2 apps I like… Toneaphone Ringtones, and Ringtone Recorder are worth checking out.

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I am going to do a shameless plug of my app, TapTunes, an alternative music player app. It’s good if you like to view your music visually and/or if you’re very album-oriented. There’s a free version if you want to try it out. =)

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