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How has the Fluther site changed since the influx of Answerbag refugees?

Asked by Ivy (2479points) December 18th, 2009

I’m one of the refugees but I’ve observed in the short time I’ve been here that q & a seemed about quality over quantity when I arrived, and is slipping into quantity over quality with an attitude. I’m interested in the thoughts and feelings of the long time Fluther users. In what ways do you feel the site has changed in the last couple weeks?

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It hasn’t. We get an occasional question about “Why can’t we <do something we did on AB>?”. But other than that, Fluther’s been going on its merry way, just as it did after the flood of Askvillers (myself included) and’ers, and whomever else.

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Quite honestly, and this is with no respect to the new users (in fact, I’ve observed quite a few thoughtful, meaningful responses), I kinda just became apathetic towards the site. Took a bit of a break.

Will hopefully return in full swing now.

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I’ve actually learned things about fluther through all the asking they’ve done (and I’ve been here for a while)... but I’ve also seen questions that previous flutheries have already asked and have been dead and gone so it’s alright… Although I agree with @MrItty I did kinda leave for a bit at the beginning

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Starfish awards have been handed out left and right.

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There has been a higher amount, yet slightly lower quality in a lot of questions asked recently, but I believe that will fade away as the new users either improve on their questions or decide to not use Fluther as much as they are now.

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Aside from there being a LOT more questions, I haven’t really noticed any changes. Every night when I get on here I have like, 20 new “activity for you”...I used to have 6 or 7. i like it.

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I feel new energy – and it’s mostly positive. I like new voices.

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Coming from a former ABer, I’ve heard from many Flutherers that the site hasn’t changed much aside from the overload of AB questions they were receiving the first couple of days we switched over here.
Personally, I try to ask thought provoking questions and provide informative and/or useful answers (even though every once in a while I like to have fun.)
What bothers me are the ABers who stirred a lot of crap over here, whom have given others, like me, a bad rep.
I get ignored a lot on here and people aren’t as generous and patient with me (aside from my fellow ABers) because of it. This has built cliques between ABers and Flutherers. It’s all rather childish, but both sides are guilty.
Although, I’m sure there are plenty of Flutherers who appreciate the knowledge most of the newcomers have to offer. I hear we’ve spiced the place up a bit or at least contributed positively too it.. :D
And for the ones who HAVE warmly welcomed us, I appreciate it.

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I am very pleased with the influx. I have noticed one or two posters I wish I had stayed over there, but that is largely a matter of taste and doesn’t say anything about the general quality of the refugees.

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It has been a little strange to see so many new jellies at once, but overall I think it is great to have new people and new opinions in the collective. I think it will only get better as we all get to know each other.

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Hopefully the trolls will find that they can’t operate here.

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The only negative thing I have noticed is that some of my old, favourite Jellies seem to have disappeared. I don’t know whether that has anything to do with the newcomers or if it is just a coincidence but I am certainly missing their input in certain discussions.

Other than that, it has all been good. I love how much busier the site seems to be.

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we’ve been welcoming people a lot more lately

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Trust me, most of us, especially the ABers wish the same.

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I’m an AB refugee also. I’ve noticed the very same thing.

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@Thanks to everyone who answered. They were all thoughtful and helpful while being honest. Nice to be a part of this community.

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I was fairly a newbie at Answer Bag. I was invited by my niece to that forum. I liked it as it had a human touch to it. People around were not some group of intellectuals or prodigies who always had a serious topic or issue to discuss. The members were more like ‘normal’. They were friendly and had emotional bondings with others around. It was one of the very few forums which had more of good things than bad. The restrictions, if any, were all only because they were required. I liked the site.

Saying all that, why am I on this forum then? I was invited by my best pal from Answer Bag to join this. It has not been long that I joined this forum and even after I joined, I really did not get enough free time to spend on it. Today was the first day I got to spend enough time here, and, I like it. Though it would take time for me to learn and get used to how things are done here, I am already enjoying answering to the questions. **smiles**

I did not ever visit this forum before so I really do not know about the changes which happened after the influx of. I purely wrote what ever it was regarding me, only.

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we did ,, i think make “your fluther” friends rasise to 200 count limit… ..@Vunessuh . how could anyone ignore you ;-)

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@The_Anonymous_Witch Well, they don’t know me like you do babe. :)

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@Vunessuh , they have no idea what the’re missin ;-)

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I have noticed a number of celebrity avatars. For 10 minutes I was like damn these people are hot until it was..” oh that’s a Playboy playmate, that’s Sade, that’s Liv Tyler.”
star fuckers :P
edit that’s Gary Oldman

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Most recent immigrants seem very nice and it’s great to have them. I noticed a few ruffians showing very little respect for senior flutherites. Sorry to say this, but I hope that some people either apologize or leave the community after insulting respected members like @pdworkin. That was completely out of line.

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@SeventhSense Well, at least he’s in character:)

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@mattbrowne Thanks, but I see that as a self-correcting problem. I don’t take someone else’s uncontrolled bad behavior personally, and I have seen people like that come and go. They always eventually go.

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@mattbrowne Kelly argues with EVERYBODY! That is the fourth thread I’ve come across where it was her against everyone else. She resorts to cheap insults when she has nothing left to say. Plus, that particular ABer constantly starts crap and deletes their account, reopens a new one and starts all over again. It’s a vicious cycle.
Best to ignore her because she is ruthless and most likely won’t go away. Damn it.

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All these new faces.

RUN! While you still have a life!

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(Besides, since when am I a respected anything? I work so hard to earn your disrespect.)

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HAHAHA yes what @ChazMaz said!!!

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@pdworkin, I’m sorry. Very, very few of our people are like that. We only have three, and she’s one. They keep opening up new accounts on here, which compaunds the problem, making us look more numerous than we are. I hope you’ll take that into consideration. I have one face; therefore, I only need one account.

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Every social site has its misfits. That’s the way things are here on the Interwebz.

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I think that the majority of new users have been a positive contribution. New energy, new perspectives. Overall a plus.

There are a few immature jerks here and there, but they can be found everywhere. Trollish nonsense seems to be pretty short lived on Fluther regardless of the source.

The mods are standing by to jerk a knot in anyone’s tail who becomes habitually obnoxious.

Overall the newcomers are a definite asset and I look forward to getting to know them better.

Response moderated
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@pdworkin – Yes, the self-correction mechanism is very powerful. I have great respect for you as do many others! Very valuable insights!

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@Vunessuh – There’s nothing wrong with arguing. It’s the fuel of progress. But good manners do matter. As @pdworkin said, every social site has its misfits.

Response moderated
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@mattbrowne Of course. I love a good debate. I love a good debate with good manners more.
Who am I kiddin’? I love the occassional bad mannered debate, when in the mood. There are people though who are incapable of EVER being respectful when debating and more so have motivations to fuel the fire rather than to inform someone or learn something new.
And, like Phillis said, there are the other trolls who lie about their entire life on the internet just to get attention from people they don’t even know and in turn, hurt us. He is the one we’re dealing with at the moment. It’s irritating to know we can stop this guy from spreading his toxin on Fluther as he did so easily on AB, but having moderation not take it seriously. We have proof. It’s not like we’re guessing.
And the reason why it’s a big deal is because it was a HUGE deal over at AB. People were pissed and really hurt. Fluther is a much smaller community. I can’t even imagine the kind of shit that will go down if it continues.

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@phillis – Don’t worry.

Our Mods are ruthless.

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Oh, I know some mods with a little ruth.

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HAHAHAHA!!! I hope we become friends, pdworkin.
@ChazMaz The mods have to KNOW what’s going on before they can move on it. That’s what I’m working on right now. It isn’t their fault that they’re protecting the wrong person. We know that.

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Come on… Spill it.

Who is it?

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[mod says] FYI, we have ways of dealing with people who stir up trouble by creating multiple accounts. It doesn’t last.

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See! @shilolo is scaring me…


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@phillis . thats what you get for tryin to help i guess .. ? ;-/

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It’s become way too spammy. With both questions and answers.
I hate going to sleep and waking up to see 100+ new questions, and to see 40+ new replies on questions.
Seems to be a lot more trolling, or just fundamentalist logic, going on.

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@Sarcasm Maybe you are just seeing the increased activity that comes with a larger population?

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There are so many questions being asked, but I find myself not wanting to answer them because they aren’t very good. I’m finding myself not wanting to visit the site; to take a break (but then if I were to, I’d come back to find 400+ activity to answer to. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to get the channel-crosser award). I don’t really like the big influx of new people; then again, I don’t really like change.

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@ChazMaz – PM me! I’m happy to give you the warning.

@The_Anonymous_Witch – That’s okay! I got the groundwork started.

@toomuchcoffee911 – I appreciate your honesty, even going as far as saying you don’t like change. Refreshing :)

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@phillis Was that smiley sarcastic?

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No! Absolutely not! I appreciate and respect honesty a great deal, especially when it’s honesty about one’s self.

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I don’t think it changed much, but then, I haven’t been here long enough to make any clear distinction.


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I have noticed some changes. Some good, some bad and some don’t even matter to me. It’s just like anything else.

I have noticed a lot more questions that I am just not interested in. I just haven’t felt intrigued by many questions, or felt any brain stretching lately. That could be because with any increase in size, so increases the diversity of questions and I like the ‘boring’ ones. My recent lack of vigor and excitement could also be my own honeymoon period coming to a close.

The amount of questions seems to be slowing down as people get used to this site, return to another site or find a new place entirely. It was a bit spammy for a moment or two- yet the mods are wonderful on that front.

I like the influx, on the whole. I’ve met some wonderful new people and appreciate their input.

Edit to add: I do hope that AB ‘refugees’ will eventually leave that mantle behind and think of themselves as Flutherites. Just Flutherites without the extra label of AB-ex added onto it. I think that drives a division from both sides that doesn’t do as much to integrate everyone into a new community.

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@gemiwing I originally came to Fluther as a refugee but now I consider myself to be 100% Flutherite. Hopefully the ABers that hang around will feel the same in time.

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