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Do you ever feel like you don't deserve what you have?

Asked by J0E (13121points) December 18th, 2009

There’s those moments when I step back and realize that I have had a very easy life so far. I’ve been lucky enough to be born into many advantages that some people never get. But, I look at what I have done with these advantages and it’s pretty much nothing. Many people have done a lot more with a lot less than me.

Do you ever feel this way?

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No, I’ve worked very hard for everything that I have. My education, my relationship, my reputation, and my home.

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Constantly. I received an inheritance that paid for my entire college education. I’ve known quite a few people who are working several jobs while attending college, and can barely get by. I can’t help but feel undeserving when I see so many other people struggling to afford college.

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We don’t deserve what we get, and we don’t get what we deserve.

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Occasionally, yes. For example when learning about kids who experienced nothing but misery when growing up with their parents failing completely. Or for example when thinking about countries where people get arrested for disagreeing with their government. It reminds me how fortunate I’ve been my whole life. Of course there’s also the hard work part. There my commitment to lifelong learning.

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Nope. And, I am happy with what I have.

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Sometimes. But right now I’m pretty broke. So I do deserve what I have, because it’s my own fault.

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Occasionally…while gazing lovingly at my wife.

Then I come to my senses.

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Definitely yes! By the Laws of Chance, we live where we live, have great parents, healthy, etc. You could be born in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc This may be a “little deep,” but you could have born a dog (way my dog was treated, would not be bad to be my or any other type animal.

Having said that, I’ve worked very hard and after 40 years of working, I’m not retired. My life is very comfortable, play golf 4 or 5 days a week. Live in a very nice area etc…but, again, worked very hard to get this..was not given to me!

Very thankful for everything…it has been a good ride!

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Not really. I’ve worked really hard for everything that I have and I don’t have much.
I don’t have that I want ‘MORE MORE MORE’ attitude. I’m simple and unsuperficial and I don’t mind helping friends and family out financially (as long as I can afford it) before buying a new shirt at the mall.
If you’re selfless and a hard worker, you deserve what you have, as opposed to being born into wealth and living off of mommy and daddy’s money among other things.

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Here I am sitting in a well-heated room, using an expensive machine just for my personal amusement, with the prospect of a nice dinner. Born into an upstanding family in a safe and prosperous part of the world.

I know not everybody has those amenities.

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No I don’t, because I wasn’t born into wealth, you should know you are very lucky. You’re very humble and that means a lot. It’s the people that don’t realize this that kind of get on my nerves. I would have loved to be born into something so easy lol.

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I have very little but sometimes I still feel this way. Almost anyone would be surprised by this statement seeing how simply I live. Sometimes I think this attitude is the cause of me not having more, When I get more I start to feel this anxiety more strongly.
But I’m working on it.
I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. I love money and the things it can offer me. Money is my friend. Money is my friend. Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.Money is my friend.
@Blackberry brings up a good point about our schitzophrenic society:
Earn more make more, have more but for God’s sake don’t be happy about it. ~_~

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No I’ve never felt that way (let me spare you my life story here and all the difficulties). However, I completely understand all my privileges.

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I never feel that I don’t deserve what I have or haven’t got. But I do feel guilty sometimes when I see pictures and footage of people struggling in third world countries.

It does vex me somewhat how certain people with a lot of money say ‘I’ve worked bloody hard for what I have!’, now I’m not talking about your average working class individual who just want’s to better their life and the life of their children, I’m talking about these ‘I wanna be famous’ corporate whores, for example, in England we have just had a new Xfactor winner, he’s only 17, and will probably go on to earn millions, depending on wether all the sheeple by his music (did I say music!). Now lets just say he does make his millions, somewhere along the line he’s gonna say ‘you know what I worked bloody hard for that!’, what, 6 weeks and a couple of book store visits, don’t tell me you;ve earned it boyo, tell it to the 10 year old african kid who just lost an eye working 12 hours in a diamond mine, who after finishing work had to treck 6 miles just to go get a wash and water his siblings for less than a dollar a day.

I guess thats just the way the cookie crumbles tho aye. We get to buy cheap lead riddled toys froma chinese sweat shop, whilst the IMF imposes conditionalities on the next third world country so big corps can rape the land of all its resources.

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I believe it is usually the people who have very little who are most compassionate to the people who have even less. I think this is a great virtue.
If I were just a little bit more sappy a person, I would now tell you what you have is more valuable than money.

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Have you ever noticed how when you go on a relaxing holiday, the last think on your mind is all that material shite you left behind, even the tele doesn’t interest you, you just want good company and fresh air.
and zambooka!

You couldn’t care less wether you deserve what you have, you just know you damb well deserved that holiday your on.

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Awww…I just want to give you a razberry…You made my day.
but i’ll still take more money too :)

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At your service, friend.

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“If I were just a little bit more sappy a person, I would now tell you what you have is more valuable than money.”
Agreed, money only has value because its accepted for value, pity people don’t apply this to the things that really matter.

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Well, I don’t necessarily think I don’t deserve it. I was born into a wealthy family, so it’s been a significant part of my life ever since I was a little kid. But someone would get it anyway and I don’t think there is much that makes most other people somehow more deserving of it than me, but I do occasionally feel guilty about it in that I am very aware of the fact that a lot of people have it worse and don’t get the same amount. I don’t let it consume me, however.

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@DominicX This question is more about are you using those advantages or would someone else be better off with them? It’s not a crime to be born into a wealthy family, but it should be a crime to do nothing with it.

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No, I think I have worked very hard for everything I have. As a child we were very low income, but so was everyone else that lived in our neighborhood, so we didn’t know we were poor. I grew up not expecting anything from anyone. Everything I have, I bought with money I made.

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Sure, but then again, just about anyone born in the US or other parts of the industrialized world could say that.

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Naa, I deserve every bit of whatever I got.

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@Ivan Not necessarily, even some of the people in this very thread had to earn everything they have with very hard work.

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Surely, but there are inherent advantages to living in in a modernized nation. There are simply more opportunities.

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I think I’m using them to the greatest extent I can. I am going to Stanford after all; I plan on making the most out of it.

But since it isn’t exactly my money and since I’m only 18, it’s not too easy to judge yet.

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I worked for it. I don’t see why I don’t deserve it. And even if I didn’t deserve it, if I had the power to obtain it, who’s gonna face me in combat about it?

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I will wrestle Sheena… Let us first remove our tunics :)~

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@SeventhSense I’m not Sheena, I’m Lucy Lawless. j00 asked for IT

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What did Lucy play?

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@SeventhSense The Warrior Princess. Also, Wonder Woman.

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Oh…I was a big fan of Linda Carter as a lad Mommy why do I feel funny when I watch Wonder Woman?
Jessica Biel is set to play her in an upcoming role. Check out the difference in body type in the past 30 years

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@SeventhSense Gotta admit…I wish my mom was here right now so I could ask why I feel funny alla sudden. :D

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My mother was also a dark brunette with light blue eyes. A stunning beauty in her own right.

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@SeventhSense That got disturbing, unless one of us is a staff wielding farm girl.

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What? A couple of dudes talking about Oedipal love, Wonder Woman and feelings…mmm…I see what you mean..night

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^Edit correction^ Symbeline is a woman so only one dude

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@SeventhSense And only one farming girl. Who knows which one of us that is though. XD

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I traded my clogs for heels..

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Yes, sometimes I think I’m not good enough as a person, and that I don’t deserve happiness. But I know that this isn’t true, because I work for the things I have.

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Everyone deserves happiness.
It’s luxury that we are in a position be embarrassed about.

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Well I guess my money mantra is working!
Don’t mean to brag but it’s a powerful personal testimony. I just got my best price ever for a Vintage Toy which is what I sell. Think of the distance from NY to New Mexico
Merry Christmas to me! /~<@

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No, Why Shouldn’t I have what I have? I’ve suffered a lot of heartache, others have more than I have, I enjoy the little things so why Not me? It’s not like I’m a Trump or a Rockefeller. Those people can toy with guilt if they need to. Look; we could be hit by a bus tomorrow. So enjoy what you can Now.

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I am very lucky to have what I have. I have worked hard to get here. I have been poor and I have been rich. You appreciate more when you work for it then it is given to you. I have save my penny for alot of things. When you reach that goal and able to take home that item. Oh! my what a feeling that it is.

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Yup… I’m still alive… oh poo…

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