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Does the definition of procrastination remind you of yourself?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 18th, 2009

Lets face it from time to time we all put things off that we just don’t feel like doing today. But are you a habitual offender? lol If it isn’t you do you know anyone else that should have their picture in my dictionary?

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Yes and I’m the worst variation of one, I am a perfectinist too!

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Most definitely!!

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How silly.

Who has time to take pictures?

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Yes, you would.

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Is it the need to get the holiday shopping done, but not able to, that is bombarding fluther with procrastination questions?

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And yes. :-)

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Pshhh. Not only is my picture there, I also wrote the entry.

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Expect my response later.

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No way Jose! I am normally way ahead of schedule on stuff. My picture would be next to the “antonym” of that word.

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No…You would see “photo to be added”

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Lol! Yes, for example I am still getting my hobby farm ready for winter :) Almost made it:) Hey nunya, how are you?

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@azlotto ROFL! You’ll get to that “tomorrow”? LOL Tooooo funny! :-)
@Sir_Mikey doin’ great my friend! I’m done with all the hustle and bustle of the season.

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No Way ! I believe in getting things done and out of the way…. putting them off only means that they still need to be taken care of…. and will be there later.

IF I get my things finished ; then that gives me free time to play with the dog or watch a movie… maybe even get on Fluther.

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I’m not joking here, I’ve been looking at this question on the “Questions for you” page and putting off opening it or answering it all day.

So, does that answer your question?

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@Poser HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yup, that is a sure sign Poser!!! Thanks!

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Unfortunately yes, bigtime. I’m beyond procrastinating and more like ‘what the hell are you doing’?! LOL.

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