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What is something culturally unique about where you live?

Asked by Ghost_in_the_system (2035points) December 18th, 2009

a phrase, an attitude, an item or animal that you only see where you are. Something you thought was the norm until you went somewhere else and got strange looks.

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I live in the USA. No culture here.

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D.C. has a lot of great stuff! My favorite thing that we have here and nowhere else is the Smithsonian. We also have gogo music, half-smokes, and salty oat cookies. Our local stuff is kind of weird. :(

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Being able to go to the store 24/7, Being able to eat anything from Indian to Thai to Japanese food on a regular basis becaus it’s all part of how many cultures we have here in Brooklyn

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‘Guidos’. I live in New Jersey lol. Also…if mean people are a culture, they are here too lol.

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@bolwerk Looking at the whole country is going to miss a lot of cultural variation. And no culture you like is different from no culture. Like it or not, McDonald’s is part of American culture, for example.

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I live in an interesting little town. You can score crystal meth in the liberry.

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@Blackberry Somehow I randomly ended up watching “jersey shore” on MTV – oh. my. god. vapidity.

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Where I live people say “pop” to refer to a carbonated beverage like Coke, Pepsi, or Mountain Dew. We also have really disgusting chili made with things like chocolate and cinnamon and served over spaghetti. People also say “please” when asking you to repeat yourself and place the emphasis on the first syllable of the word “umbrella”.

Now, who knows where I live?

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@Snarp Wisconsin or Minnesota?
My stepmom makes chili like that. It’s yummy.

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gipsy and much more creepy things
I live in Romania the country of all impossibilities

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@Haleth Relatively close, I suppose, but I think the only one they do is say “pop”.

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@Snarp Got me. My stepmom is from Wisconsin and her family does all that stuff.

Ohio! Cheated.

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Cattle drives and rodeos, and no, I don’t live in Texas.

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Atlanta has the world’s busiest airport (Hartsfied-Jackson International). Talk about influxes! We get ‘em from all over the world. If they can afford to fly, we get ‘em here. We are the melting pot of the world. Everybody is represented here. Sometimes that is an incredibly AWESOME thing. On a few occasions, it has sucked beyond the telling of it.

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@pdworkin In a nearby county, they claim to be the carrot capitol of US. When you consider how many former sheriffs and deputies are currently in prison for partnering with growers, its actual #1 cash crop is pot.

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@phillis Such an occasion is trying to get in and out of that airport.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yes I watch that show too, only because I was there all Summer. It’s not all like that though, these types of people don’t flood the Jersey shore.

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Chicago has a “unique” political culture, based on family dynasty and an entrenched party machine. And, oddly enough, it works

We also have a peculiar sports phenomenon: a cursed baseball team with a rabid fan base.

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I love the Cubbies.

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We have the Manatee. We say y’all, and key lime pie is popular. Though I am not crazy about it.

We tend to throw our fruit in the garbage since too much of it comes off the tree in the back yard. And, it is freezing this time of the year. It is like 72 degrees at the moment.

Do I need to tell you where I live?

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San Luis Obispo may be the only monochromatic city in all of Southern California.

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Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the world. There are people from almost every country and culture in the world here. I get to experience the whole world in one city. Food, art, culture—I get it all.

I can walk around showing all my tattoos and no one stares at me. I used to live in the Sacramanto area and everyone stared at me.

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i live in Ecuador, a paradigm of socialism and corruption…
Have you seen G-Force??? we have those little fellas for lunch, with potatoes and peanut sauce

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I live in Eugene Oregon, the home of the Oregon Ducks I don’t think any other college team has a classic Disney cartoon character as a mascot . We’re Tracktown USA – Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight invented the modern athletic shoe here, working with a waffle iron to form the sole. We also still have one foot squarely planted in the 60s, with more old hippies and wannabe hippies per acre than just about anywhere else. Tie-dye is still mainstream here, and for one weekend every summer, The Oregon Country Fair reminds us all of what was so appealing about the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

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About 7 years ago a pair of Peregrine falcons nested on the public library in the downtown of our Chicago suburb, the first reported instance since the 1800s. Since then, their progeny have been returning every year, so it’s now not unusual to be walking down a city street and see them perched like gargoyles on the parapet of some building. Sometimes I’ll be in my yard and suddenly be aware that every bird has fallen silent. I’ll look up and see the distinctive bow-shaped silhouette of a Peregrine gliding by.

And down on the south side, near the University of Chicago, there’s a thriving colony of over 200 Monk parakeets, descendants of an escaped pet pair. It’s breathtaking to be driving through this gritty urban landscape and have this neon green apparition streak across the road ahead of you.

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@Harp Cool beans! There is a huge feral parrot flock in Brooklyn, NY, too!

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@pdworkin I didn’t know that! San Francisco has a colony, too I hear.

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@Harp – Wasn’t there a documentary done about that? Or was that New York City?

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There was a documentary about a Red-Tailed Hawk in NYC whose nest was destroyed by a few selfish rich people, and then rebuilt when the rest of the city discovered what had happened.

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@ChazMaz Must be this one about the SF colony.

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No, it was one about a male and female falcon making home in a city.
Just do not remember which city. It was on HBO a few years ago..

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Pale Male? That was the name of the Red-Tail (which is a type of falcon.)

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I can see California Condors flying about 30 miles from my house.

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@tinyfaery That must be awesome!

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When in England, we have ”chavs”!

When in Australia, we have ”kangaroos” and ”didgeridoos”!

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What, no toffs?

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@pdworkin – WTF is a toff.. lol

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We are the founder of Arbor Day! haha..

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At the Jersey shore, we call out-of-towners and summer people “Bennies” and speak of people having a “bennie tan.”

@bird discussion people – The documentary about the wild parrots of San Francisco is called Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Didn’t know there was one about Pale Male, but there were a number ot of stories in the New York Times about him and his mate.

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I won’t say where, but I took a Gay and Lesbian Lit. class in high school. It was the first one offered in high schools in the entire US.

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Students get a four day weekend “fall break” which just happens to coincide with deer hunting opener.

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@kruger_d How often did you return to school sporting antlers?

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We got the cable tv.

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In the NT of Australia, we have 60,000 year old rock art. It’s pretty impressive. And of course, lots of BIG crocs!

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“Hey Yall” We get laughed at up in the North and CA…

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Kansas City – a really nice place to live in many ways, but not much history or culture.

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Kansas City has great music, and great food!

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Balamer? (Baltimore)
The wayz we speak, hon!

Lexicon of Bawlamarese

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KC does have the best barbecue in the world, and downtown and other parts of town are reviving, so all is not bleak, but like most of the midwest, it just doesn’t have the history of, say, Baltimore, Philly, etc. The huge stockyards used to be over there west of downtown, big deal, whaddaya supposed to do, stand there and imagine multiple football fields full of cows?

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Oh SO very much. I come from desert people from the trailer culture of the Mojave desert. and no one has ever written a book or a play or a movie or as far as I know told our story in any way what so ever. We are looked at as outcasts or low life or as a county official not so politely termed us “trailer people”. Government types and main stream types have spoken of how “shocked” they are that there are people in single wide or even ageing travel trailers in remote locations on the high desert “gasp” without water or electricity!
Ok so we don’t have water and electricity? want to know why douche bag? Because you and your FUCKING laws criminalize survival! Because we don’t make enough money to dig a septic tank up to your codes and use a hole covered with old car hoods and boards or because our trailers are to old and worn out and we might electrocute our selves. Of course there are no government programs to fix our old trailers you would rather bull doze those old trailers (our homes that keep us dry and warm and the sand out of our food) after all a few years of living like animals on the street and we could qualify for government slum housing where the only danger would be from stray bullets and drugs our children would do just fine in your foster care system hell they wouldn’t even have to live on the street with their parents or in our cars they could live with strangers. No I’m happy with the 113 heat and the frayed wires and heating water on the stove to take a bath these things don’t scare me in the least, it’s human rights violators who value a stinking lizard more than a human being that scare me.

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On planet Utah we have green jello, my heck! And babies are “fer cute!” We have recipes that go viral without even being on a computer. The Mormons are a good source of entertainment, and it’s the only place on earth where you come home from work and find cookies on your doorstep. I like it here, most of the time.

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Alright who signed up as shf84 just so they could write that stuff and play a tune on the heart strings of bleeding heart liberals???

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@shf84 My, how did you manage to get access to a computer?

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When a family member leaves the house they may say, “love y’all.”
When you leave a house mostly full of strangers one staying back will say, “come see us.” Or, “y’all come see us” even if only one person leaves. TEXAS.

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