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How do I make a screenshot on Windows?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) December 18th, 2009

On my mac, I simply hit shift+alt+3 and a screenshot appears on my desktop….is there anything easy like this for Windows?

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Get entire screen = Prt Scr
Get window = Alt + Prt Scr

edit: Then paste to image program ;)

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Note: The Prt Scr button only captures it to the clipboard. You still need to Paste it into a image editing program to save it.

But I think Vista has a “Snipping Tool” that behaves like it does on a Mac.

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@johnpowell ugh, that’s what I was afraid of. I really hate opening up Paint (seriously, that program is from like 1957) and dealing with all the pasting crap. But then again, when I make an online bill payment, it’s better than printing the confirmation and keeping hoards of paper around…

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@johnpowell – I never saw one in Vista, but I’m sure it has one, but I 100% know 7 has a snipping tool.

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@pjanaway :: It is in the accessories folder. (I think) It has been a while.

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Better idea: run Firefox with the FireShot add-on so that you can get the whole page instead of just the visible portion of it.

Then you go into XnView ,import the clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V), and save it as whatever filetype you want. XnView also has cropping functions so you only need to keep the part you want anyways.

I have mine set so that as soon as I take a screenshot, it automatically opens in XnView for cropping so I could take a shot and save it with two keystrokes while still having the option to see what I have before saving and (if necessary) cropping it.

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Look into to printing to a PDF. On a Mac this is built-in

I’m sure there are options for Windows to do the same.

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@johnpowell I use CutePDF for that.
Well, unless I am in OpenOffice since that can export to PDF on it’s own already.

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@jerv – OpenOffice rules ;)

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@jerv :: Thanks for link to CutePDF.

@melanie81 :: The nice thing about saving stuff as a PDF is you can copy and paste from them. It is very handy for things like tracking numbers when you need to check the status of a delivery.

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Screen prints are great to make as peoples wall paper. Then hide all their icons. Really hysterical first thing on a Monday morning.

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