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How did you learn to use your computer?

Asked by Ghost_in_the_system (2035points) December 18th, 2009

I was almost grown before computers were so readily available to anyone. Now 5 year olds use them as if born to it. Did you take classes to learn or get one and figure it out on your own?

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Trial and error

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Well, I grew up with computers. But I just learned as I went… there’s no real self-destruct button, so I figure, what’s the worst I can do, just pressing buttons and trying to figure it out? Worked for me!

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I first got a commodore 64, went to amiga 1200, then in 1998 I got a pc (I was 12 I think then)

I just naturally knew how to use them the second I got on it, no one told me.

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LOL @NUNYAError and Trial!!!

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I first saw a computer when I was in 6th grade here in the US – I had a computer class and later on a typing class…in high school my brother taught me some of the basics…from that point on, I learned a lot and quickly…because of college, because of graduate school, because of work…and these days I learn from my computer science genius of a husband.

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Grew up with them.

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My parents taught me when I was quite little. My dad knows how to program, he’s built computers, he’s used all kinds, his life pretty much revolves around them and has for a long time. :P

I’ve grown up with them and been using them for a long time. I’ve used Windows 3.1, 95, and when my siblings and I got a computer to share, it had Windows 98 on it. When I was 11, I got my own computer with Windows 2000 on it. Since then, I’ve had XP, Vista, and Mac OS X. Once I got the basics down of how to use a computer at an early age, any new operating system I just learned on my own. And I’m always surprised at how much more I know than many of my friends, despite the fact that I know little compared to someone like my dad.

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I got my first computer when I was 8. It was an apple macintosh. I had been using computers since I was about 5 though. I’ve always been a computer junky. I was learning how to code websites by highschool. I already typed near 80 words a minute by freshman year, so I didn’t have to use the stupid sheilds they forced my peers to use to learn to type without looking.

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Closed my eyes and hit the keys and hoped for the best lol
i still don’t know how to use one properly, but i got a brilliant bro that repairs all my mistakes.
I’m still learning very very slowly lol
(i got my first pc last year)

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My parents bought me the 128k Macintosh when I was seven in 1984. It had some cool interactive lessons to show you how to use all the programs. It was a pretty amazing machine.

I still have to look at my keyboard when I type.

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I used them at work first and then we got our own. That was a long time ago. I am an Admin. Asst. and I was one of the first people at my job to use it for word processing back in the mid-80’s. I loved that!!! What a blessing that was. Subsequently, we use them for everything.
My husband is a computer “nut”, so he taught me the other stuff I didn’t know… but I still have so much to learn.

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My family got it’s first comp on 98 when I was 8. I was extremely facinated with it. I learned about the Internet and from there it wa easy as Hell. Anything I wanted to know I just searched for.

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Kept pushing button’s, usually the wrong one’s… :)

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When I was 5, the school was going to get a few computers (the “new” Apple //e) so they took the three smartest kids in the school and tried to get us ready for this new technology. Problem was that the other two really didn’t care so I was the only one who actually learned to type, so I was the only one that could really do much on the computer (like even load a program without assistance) until about the middle of 8th grade.

Flash forward and I’ am plonking away on a Vic-20, and that was the last computer I really read a book for until I got into Linux a few years ago.

When I first saw a Mac, I figured it out on my own within minutes, though I had to read some to figure out how to program HyperCard. It wasn’t until ‘93 that I ran into my first Windoze box and that didn’t have a mouse so I learned it the hard way.

Basically, I just do it.

No class, but a bit of style :)

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I took summer school classes in using computers starting when I was 10. We had a plethora of Apple ][‘s. By the time I got to college, they were de rigueur and taking a computer class was required.

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i haven’t yet figured most of it out. it’s just too modern for me, this windows 98(second addition)

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in the punch card era they ran me. I then ran away from them. My son guilted me into using an Apple IIC (I think) learned that, then when my office went off DOS to Windows I picked that up, but kicking and screaming. I still do not like it when an upgrade means learning a whole new screen setup and processes. Now I’m a MacBook guy, thanks AWM. LOL DAD

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I got interested in computers in the mid-80s just as MS Windows was starting to come in. DOS was still the standard, and I took a class in it. To this day I’m glad I did. Learning command-line stuff gave me a good basic knowledge of computing, and that helped ease my fear about experimenting with hardware and software. That, in turn, gave me enough confidence to help friends and work-mates, which I still do. People in this thread have recommended trial and error, and I completely agree. Manuals are great, but there’s nothing like just diving in.

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I was born in the 1990’s. It’s programed into my brain.

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@toomuchcoffee911 Odd. I was born in the early-70s yet I can say the same thing.

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Until almost 7 yrs ago had never touched one and then a friend gave me one just to learn on, it was win98, about a 6 months later I had another one give to me and it was XP. thought I was doing great till some one stole them. I then made up my mind to go back school (adult Ed) best thing I ever did. Only problem now is I can’t stay away from school….LOL and I’m a little long winded on my answers some times.

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@G_tech A little? :D

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Hey they don’t know me here yet…...LOL

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If you want to learn something you should have a keen interest in should collect some computer literate books to learn new topics.Try to do more and more practicals once you start doing practically you will learn very fast.

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Well, my cousin gave me some lessons and then I decided to learn computerr usage on my own.

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