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Is acne contagious?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11656points) December 18th, 2009

I hadn’t been breaking out much recently, but the guy I’ve been smooching for the past couple weeks has acne around his chin. Could I be getting zits there from him?

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Only if he rubbed all his greasy goodness onto your face.

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@stemnyjones – Which I’m sure alot of people love doing on a regular basis :p

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No it isn’t contagious.

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Sounds more like you have been sweating more then usual (wink wink) and with the excitement of sucking face has got your hormones in an uproar.
Sounds like you caught the love bug.

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No, however acne can be made worse by stress which you might be having more of if you have started dating someone new.

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Severe acne is caused by a bacterial infection. While P. acnes is ubiquitous, there have been small studies demonstrating the spread of P. acnes resistant to antibiotics (those being used for acne treatment) to close contacts. Thus, while the probability is low, it is theoretically possible for acne to be transmitted from person-to-person.

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^He’s a doctor^...i just play one on Fluther

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I had mild acne in high school and a girlfriend with perfectly clear skin. After a few months she got a few random pimples. She blamed me.

Mine wasn’t bad. Just a few pimples. Nothing like you see when a person looks like the surface of the moon.

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I always get irritated from kissing men (and not only because I’m gay! Badum chhhhh) because they’re stubbly and it scratches my skin and makes it chapped and unhappy. If his skin is more oily than yours, the oil could be getting on your face and irritating it in a similar manner.

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I leaned on a plane window, and got my very first pimple after that. I’m convinced the window had some sort of gross pimple infection.

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You certainly could get the bacteria that cause pimples from getting up close and personal with someone who has pimples, but hormones, stress, and not getting enough sleep can do it, too. All of these items are involved when you enter into a relationship that involves smooching.

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YES! You 2 are swapping skin oils. You each have different oils in your skin, but when it is put on someone else, it clogs their pores.

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I don’t think so. But it is hereditary and requires one to have proper hygiene. Like washing face before sleeping, changing pillow covers often etc.

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