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Where can I buy a box of thai tea in San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4083points) December 18th, 2009

I’m looking for thai tea – the kind of tea that they use in iced tea or when they serve hot tea in restaurants. I don’t know if it has a certain name – I think it is just called thai tea – but it has a different flavor than other black teas. I’m wondering if I can buy it in San Francisco, in tea bags or as looseleaf tea. Any ideas?

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Surely a supermarket would sell them?

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I’m sure an Asian super/market would stock Thai tea. It’s basically the same as milk tea (which is why it tastes different than black tea).

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Try the Samovar Tea Lounge. I hear they carry a lot of different varieties of tea.

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Although I am not in San Francisco, I found mine at my local Asian supermarket.

You can find loose leaf and instant packets, like these.

I found mine with the boba supplies, not with the other tea, so check in a few places.

The recipe is easy enough to make.

Note: the loose leaf tea is very fine “dust”, with an orange hue.

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Here are a list of places to buy Thai products. Clement Street-New Chinatown is your best bet for anything Asian although there are other stores that may be more convenient. If possible take the #2 bus because parking is ridiculous

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I bought some today in the Richmond, at the New May Wah supermarket on Clement street.

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