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Would you let your 11 year old daughter go out on a date with a 6'4 245 lbs guy.

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) December 18th, 2009

I read an article about Paul Wight (The Big Show) Now 7 feet tall 450 lbs. How when he was 12 years old and on a simple day date at a bowling alley with his 11 year old girlfriend,he kissed her and was immediately arrested by security .

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I wouldn’t let my 11 yo daughter go on a date with anyone at all.

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There is NO way in Hell that I’d allow an 11 year old girl to go on a date with ANYONE… unless it was a CHAPARONED afffair.

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No. 11 is too young to date

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I didn’t know a 12 year old could grow to 6’4” in such a short time. But I think an 11 year old dating is too young in my opinion anyway. But I can understand why security would have arrested him, it probably would’ve looked a little bit suspicious.

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I think girls that age should stick to guys their own age. Whenever I become a parent, I’ll set an “age range limit.” If my daughter’s 11, she’ll not be allowed to go out with anyone older than 13. For boys younger than her, I’ll let her use her own discretion as long as I find it “reasonable and prudent.”

Wait, you say that some boy was 6’4 and 245 pounds at age 12? That sounds so unreal! (If you would show us pictures of him at that age though, that’ll cast our skepticisms aside.)

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I don’t care who he is or how tall and all, my hypothetical eleven year old daughter isn’t dating anybody. The hell?

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i think size doesn’t matter, but age does. 11 is just too young to date..

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@EgaoNoGenki IF you saw the Big Show ; you’d believe that he was that tall and heavy at 12…

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of course not!! that fact that shes 11..common. END OF!!!!

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@EgaoNoGeikenki He is a professional wrestler, I read it in his autobiography ,It’s not like he’s a personal friend of mine and I got pix of his childhood,I’m certain you can find them in the internet.

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This is not a great question..who the hell marked it down as such!

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11 is the age for supervised group outings. 11 is too young for dating or kissing.

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Yes, but only if he has a friend for me.
I think this is a great question, and I marked it as such, too.

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@dannyc I did not know you were the owner of this website, obviously people find it interesting enough to respond.
When you buy this website,you can set yourself as supreme ruler and you can decide what is or is not a question !

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I agree with what people are saying. Just because a person is big, doesn’t mean they’re some how 10 years older just because of their appearance. As it is, there’s no point in dating at 11.

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11? 3 years too early (for dating. If they initially go bowling or such and then end up kissing…what can you do., other than mandate the presence of at least one other friend). But the size itself does not matter.

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At 11, she should still be doing kid things.

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Jeez—Lolita was only 12.

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wait.. why was he arrested? :S

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This is such an odd question (and I agree that it’s not “great”, but I don’t want to get into that) because of the wording of the subject / tagline and the the question itself.

No, I wouldn’t have let my daughter “date” at age 11 in the general meaning of that word. But a “day date” at a bowling alley? Sounds more like a simple “outing” or group type activity. Sure; go to town and have fun, and I’ll pick you guys up or drop you off, too.

And boys of all ages kiss girls; it ain’ no thang. A romantic kiss? at a bowling alley? between an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old? I’d have to see a video of something pretty steamy, or read a better account of it than anything I’ve seen so far before I got upset.

And private security guards don’t make “arrests”.

So… it was a weird question, yes?

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because he was so big and looked much older than he was. as a security guard, how would you react if you saw someone who looked beyond 18 kiss an 11 year old girl?

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@CyanoticWasp He claims the security guard handcuffed him and drove him to the Sheriff’s office,where Paul’s mother worked as a secretary and she had something to say to the security guard on the entire matter.
“YES” Security guards ”CANNOT LEGALLY ARREST” anyone but they do carry handcuffs and many are willing to bully anyone who is stupid enough lets them do so.

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LOL I remember he told that story on Stern years ago!

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@Pretty_Lilly Thanks. This would have been good information to include in the question. But I still maintain that a better tagline might have been “Should a bowling alley security guard handcuff a 12-year-old boy for kissing an 11-year-old girl?” Then the body of the Q could contain the information about the boy’s size—and hopefully details about the kiss.

But what do I know? I don’t ask many questions; I’m not a moderator here, and I hear the pay sucks, too, so I’m not likely to be.

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@ragingloli : true true. creepy.

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11-years old is a child!!!

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Maybe The Big Show wouldn’t take “no” for an answer from the girl’s parents.

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My daughter did not go out on dates until she was 16, so no, I wouldn’t let my 11 yo daughter go out on a date of any sort, no matter what size, weight, age or shape the potential suitor might be.

My daughter did have a friend in elementary school, a boy who was 6 feet tall in 5th grade, and 6’ 6” by the time he hit age 12. However, his mother didn’t let him date until he was 16 either.

I did notice that when the two of them started middle school together a number of teachers assumed he was a troublemaker both because of his size and because he was black. I stood up for him enough that they began to realize that he was a good kid who was very useful if you needed to reach something up high.

Eventually he caught the eye of the coaches and after that he never had any free time to date. His dad had been a pro football player, and his mom went to college on a basketball scholarship.

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My daughter has a friend who, at 13, had a full beard and seemed huge compared to other 7th graders—he was 6 feet tall. By junior year, neither his height nor beard is remarkable.

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Are you F***ing nuts?

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My daughter is 10 and I would never let her date next year. I wasn’t allowed to date until 16 and I think that’s a fair age.

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I wouldn’t let an 11 year old girl go on a date with anyone.

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Heck NO ! Not even with a chaperone or burly security guard in attendance.

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That is ridiculously young what parent in their right mind would allow that?
Hell ducking no!

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I’m not sure I’d even allow my 11-year-old daughter to date anyone if I had one… That’s a bit young, don’t you think?

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Your logic is weak, what having owned the website has to do with my response is really trite. The question, in my opinion, is ridiculous. That someone gave you a great question is equally so, in my opinion. My answer is my right. That you disagree is fine. it certainly does not change my mind that the question is ridiculous. That I respond to the ridiculous question is more of an indictment of the question than its merit.

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Goodness! when I was 11 I was still playing with my sindy dolls. No, 11 is far too young to date, much less be on her own with a boy, no matter what height he is. Like it or not, its a dangerous world, and children need to be protected.
hugs xx

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