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If i'm tipping my hairdresser for the holidays, would the amount be the usual tip amount plus gift amount, or just gift amount?

Asked by jca (35976points) December 18th, 2009

tomorrow i’m going to hairdresser. usually for some reason my recent years’ appointments have not been in december so i have not done the holiday tip thing with her. i am wondering, if my haircolor costs $50, and i usually tip her $10 when she does it, should i tip her only gift amount (and i don’t know what that amount should be) or should i tip her the usual $10 plus gift amount on top of that?

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When its the holidays, I usually tip double what I normally do.

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I read where it is customary for the holidays bonus tip to be an amount equal to the usual price you pay for services .
*You might want to give her a grope as a extra bonus !

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@Pretty_Lilly : i’m a woman so i won’t be groping her…but with your answer, if the holiday tip is the amount i usually pay for services, would i just give her $50 or would i give her $50 plus the usual tip ($10) = $50 + 10 = 60??

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@jca It would probably be just the $50 ,double tipping is not necessary !

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$50 is plenty unless you she has to spend a lot of time on you every time you go…or you have lice. Then I’d kick it up a notch. And don’t grope…they get that all the time.

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Whatever amount you settle on, put it in a holiday card.

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Tip? Hilarious.

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Tip what is in your budget to afford… after all; it is theb THOUGHT that actually counts ; not the ammount of the $$$ .

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I give him $50. and not the regular tip.

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I gave the colorist $50 which is the amount of the color job I gave the hairdresser who is also the shop owner a $45 bottle of Mumm champagne as a “birthday gift” because his birthday was a few weeks ago. I don’t tip him because he is shop owner.

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Tip. Hilarious? I’d hate to see your haircut.

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@proXXi : what do you mean?

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My comment was directed @daemonelson for suggesting that tipping ones harstylist was laughable. Sad.

Love your avatar BTW.

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@proXXi I live in Australia. If you asked someone here for a tip they would probably die of laughter. It’s nonexistent.

It’s silly to pay someone for something you’ve already paid them for.

And thanks, made it myself. Sort of.

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I never head of holiday tips for hair dressers or barbers. I guess if a particular person took care of you all year a card with a small gift (money) would be appropriate. I get my hair (what’s left) cut be different people. I usually give a small tip over the cost of the haircut but never considered it for holidays. Besides, I’m not christian and don’t want to encourage that sort of behavior.

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