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Does it have to be brand new?

Asked by Facade (22881points) December 18th, 2009

Would you feel slighted if you received a “used gift” from a good friend? Like, they bought it for themselves, but didn’t like it, so they’re giving it to you.
Would the situation change your answer– formal gift vs. “hey, do you want this?”?

I think I’d only feel second rate if they tried to pass it off as a formal gift (birthday, Christmas, etc.).

How bout you?

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Unless it was an antique,I would keep it then regift it back to them next Xmas.

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Gosh, No! Some of THE best best deals I’ve ever gotten were while buying antiques and from thrift stores. You can do almost anything with a great thrift store find and make it look so original!

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I’d only feel slighted if it was passed off for a formal gift from someone I wasn’t really close to, but close enough.

If one of my close friends did it, hey, that’s cool. The economy is shit right now.. It’s the thought that counts.

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I live for secondhand stuff. It makes me feel great to fix up something old. My friends know I’m broke and know I’m grateful. My family has done it forever and now my kids are doing it.

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@chelseababyy I saw this commercial about that concept. The guy was like, “Sure it’s the thought that counts, but think harder!” haha, I thought it was funny… and accurate.

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I do it every year with the previous years gifts.

It is about giving. Not status. As long as love comes with the gift all is good.

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Oh by the gods no. It doesn’t have to be. I like old vampire books from the nineteenth century and obscure role playing games for the PlayStation I.
Get me stuff like that and I’ll love you forever, no matter how many coffee rings are on it which may have been slammed down on it outta frustration. I’ll take care of it.

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You answered your own question: ettiquete; Would the situation change your answer– formal gift vs. “hey, do you want this?”


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@Facade That’s awesome.

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As long as it’s not used undies it’s all good in my book!

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@Ansible1 What if they washed them first

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Meh I wouldn’t worry, I’d just wrap it up again and give it to the next person as a gift. Sure it would be a third hand present but it’s the thought that counts right?

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You will probably get it back next year.

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@Facade Idk, I think of underwear as a pretty personal thing. The only people that belong in my underwear are me and my gal =)

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@Facade I’m only kidding, I would never ever do that.

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@HumourMe lol, I don’t believe you

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@Symbeline – Vero Beach/Sebastian

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@ChazMaz I refuse to believe it.

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@Symbeline – I respect your opinion. :-)

Come on over. I will cook you dinner. :-)

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I wouldn’t get offended… especially right now. The economy’s so bad, I’ll feel grateful of any gift I get this year.

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@ChazMaz I’m there dude.

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no complaint from me. i would probably notice it mentally and have a little internal ’‘hmmm’’ and leave it at that.

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I know a gift you all can give me.

Push me into the 10k club! :-)

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@Facade – I believe the best gift anyone can have, that you know, is your friendship.

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LAWL!!!! I have cause to believe my mom did that to me this year!!!
I guess it varies from situation to situation like who gave it to me and what it is but it doesn’t usually bother me.

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Yea, my mom did it to me too.

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Moms think they’re so sneaky…

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I love vintage, so I generally prefer that it is not new, whatever it is. That being said, I certainly don’t want it if it’s just some piece of crap you’re trying to unload on somebody. I already have enough crap that I shouldn’t have bought or acquired in the first place and wouldn’t wish on anyone. So if that’s all you’ve got, find someone else to dump it on. But hopefully, my friends know what I like. If they’ve got something lying around that they don’t want and know I would like, I’ll take it. I’m not too proud to beg or to scarf up hand offs.

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I collect Wedgwood ceramics and old costume jewelry. If the gift is coming from someone who knows me well enough to know that I like those things, then I would be happy to get it as a formal or informal gift, either one. However, if it is obviously one of those things someone who didn’t know the recipient well gave them and that they hated and so wanted to regift it, then no, I wouldn’t be particularly happy.

Anybody want a combined chips-and-dip serving platter that looks like a Mexican sombrero?

I thought not. It was a wedding gift I got from some friends who apparently didn’t like it either but forgot to remove the original gift card when they wrapped it to give to me.

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@Darwin For that very reason, if I decide to have an actual wedding, I would insist that people give us monetary gifts instead of buying things.

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I’d take an old rifle you’ve got laying around gathering dust. Say an 1895 Mauser with OVS or ZAR markings…

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How specific…

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I have no problem giving or receiving something that’s preowned as long as it’s something the recipient really wants or has meaning for.

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What @PandoraBoxx said, exactly.

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Not unless its underwear. Sometimes slightly used normally very expensive clothing from consignment shops are the only avenue to a rich girls wardrobe on a poor girls salary. Who can tell, alot of the items have never been worn, or very little at lall.

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Goodwill rules!

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If it was something someone was giving me because they didn’t want or need it… and I had a use for it .. that’s fine. But doing that for a special occasion, I think that’s a bit on the “cheap” side.

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That depends on what “it” is. If it’s pussy, NO! That would be incredibly annoying (again).

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Tires… yes

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Anything but toothbrushes and condoms I first look on ebay and Craigslist to buy…add well food and underwear too. Got my kid a killer Pacific drumset on CL that saved me $800.00

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A used automobile is acceptable as not being brand new. i would only buy one from a used car dealer with a reputable name. never buy a brand new car. it depreciates at least 20%, when you drive off the lot. buy a demonstrator instead. it costs less and has never been titled. so its considered new.

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“Anything but toothbrushes and condoms I first look on ebay and Craigslist to buy”

Toothbrushes and Condoms?

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@ChazMaz Those items have to be new sir!

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Some things are awesome used. Like a first edition collectible of your favorite book, or antique jewelry. But if I someone gifted me with a sweater from Goodwill or something, I’d think it was a little odd. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear it if I liked it, though. A gift is a gift, and I don’t look its horse in the mouth.

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Awesome, ubersiren :)

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Toothbrush; better be. ;)

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to be honest, I’d appreciate the gift as just that, if it’s something I can use, great, if not I’d probably pass it on.
As long as it wasnt something I’d given them! had that once. it’s a little “noyying”

My family know I am into second hand stuff (unusual ornaments and old tapes and such-like) so am constantly getting handed useless junk anyway!

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Depends on the occasion. I don’t mind trading stuff (except that I’ve got a packrat gene lurking in my pool), but I’d rather my presents be selected specifically for the gifting. Except in the case of something that has sentimental value.

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