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If murder were legal for one day...

Asked by jackm (6198points) December 19th, 2009

… is there someone you would kill? Is there someone who would kill you?

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When I was married I wished that.

But now I am good.

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human race would be erased by herself
Everyone would kill everyone;musulmans would kill americans,europeans would fight against eachother,asians will trigger a nuclear bomb,africans and south americans would die anyway

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No. I have a heart and a soul. Oh, and morals.
I don’t think I could ever take a life from another being.

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I will not incriminate myself….. maybe

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Karla Homolko [sp]

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just cause it would be “legal” doesn’t make it right.
I wouldn’t kill anyone…and trust me, there are a LOT of people that I strongly dislike and I feel that make life harder for me. But I deal…I don’t kill them. That’s wrong in my book.

And talk about a real “cop out”. instead of dealing with your problems like a strong person, you just lop the offending person’s head off. It’s an easy way to solve your problems but it doesn’t speak very well of you.

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anyone or maybe everyone

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Nope. I never really ever wanted to kill anyone.
And making it legal to do so doesn’t make it any the more desirous.
But thanks for the offer.

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Hell, the fun part would be trying to cover it up.

But seriously, I’ve never wanted to kill anybody. I wouldn’t do it, even if it were legal. That kind of thing just isn’t my bag.

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No one.

@Christian95: You cannot be serious.

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I’ve fantasized about a lethal virus that only kills racists, gay bashers, wife beaters, murderers, rapists, hard right wing neoconservatives, fat cat CEOs who make millions while treating their employees like shit, religious fanatics who hide behind their beliefs in the name of discrimination, and basically anyone with hate in their hearts towards others…basically anyone who hurts or discriminates against others for their own personal gain, or who doesn’t care about his fellow man. But I could never be the trigger man even if they were all lined up in front of me and I were given full legal and moral immunity and an inpenetrable force field.

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I’d be hiding for 24 hours.

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Okay so I would just jail the bitch for life then!!!

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I’m very serious
look at @dalepetrie answer he mentions a very wide category of people and I can bet with my life that if murder becomes legal for one day those people will start to kill everyone they see

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I would that the virus would kill most people on this earth.

IMO, “purifying” the population for ANY trait (morals included) would be bad. There are lots of bad people in this world but that is what makes for life experiences and lessons. It’s a part of life. You can’t just take it out because it offends you.

So I’m glad that no such virus would or could ever exist.

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This guy at work…In my defence, the fucker is asking for it.

pardon the French

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@jackm – from your lips to Gods ears….ohhhhh pleeeeaaase.

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I would probably kill everyone on this site.

does that make me bad?

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No way am I going to take it upon myself to kill someone…I can’t create life, so what in the world gives me the right to take it away?

Ok, that was off topic but to answer your question, I’ll probably be hiding that day under a pile of bullet proof clothes. (Yay kevlar?)

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I was questioning the seriousness of your gross generalizations (‘Asians, Muslims), viz. that last and most ambiguous ‘die anyway’ bit. As though the only thing that keeps humanity from destroying itself is an amalgam of flimsy laws and ‘morals’. Which laws and morals individuals break and ignore everyday right now. If someone wants to murder, he will murder, and presumably his desire to do so is such that legality doesn’t even come into question. Yet we don’t all murder one another. It doesn’t make sense, any way you look at it, to kill someone simply because you can.

I would rather have more faith in the human race.

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I would kill an ex who physically abused me. Maybe a few other people

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I think people would find that Law is merely morality management. It isn’t morality itself. So, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to murder anyone. Myself, I would only kill those who I had no choice but to kill in order to protect the people I selfishly didn’t want dead.

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I’d be peeking out from under my bed—(I’ll take my chances with the monster)—

With my luck, I’d come back as a juvenile deer with a spot pattern vaguely resembling cross hairs.

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No, there is no one that I would kill,

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why has no one answered the second part of the question?

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@jackm…pssst. I’m hiding from the killer.

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@jackm: ‘No one’ applies to both questions.

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Part one: not really, I’m more of a “I want to severely inconvenience <—> I want to inflict pain” type person…..there are some I wish would cease to exist, but I wouldn’t want to do the dirty work.
Part two: yea, I’m pretty sure I’d have a bullseye on my back in that situation….

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@jackm I’m not playing hide and seek, and my G30 is locked and loaded.

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because im so tired i did not see a 2nd part lmao umm yes there are many that would love to kill me but thats cause they like me so much :D hehehehehe

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Angels21fvryoung Grab your shotgun. We’ll hide under here together.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Angels21fvryoung Good enough, we’ve got each others back. LOL

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Murder is about morality, not legality. Sure I’ve thought about it, and for some it would be awfully tempting, but when it comes down to it I would never take a human life unless it was to save my own or someone I love or a random stranger who is being victimised by someone who could never be a productive member of society.

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those assholes who stole the Auschwitz sign

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@phillis Im the monster under your bed for the day then :D hehehehe

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I think people would want to kill me.

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Look at this face could you kill this….....


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No and I hope not.
Murder is still murder even if it were legal for a day.

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Nope, because of my Christian beliefs I do not think humans have the right to kill another human, period.

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..there would be hardly anyone left on the planet!!!

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@Dabria i think that would be the point

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lol true..thanks Angels21fvryoung..

Angels21fvryoung's avatar

not a problem ;) hehehe

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lol, what a great question

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That would be one bloody day

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I have a list of people I don’t like. Just because… and because… But, no, I could not murder/execute/kill even one of them. I am still held to the orders from God. (10 commandments)

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God had people killed, didn’t he?

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No on both counts. As far as I know, some people may not like me, but no one wants to kill me.

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Regret would kick in tomorrow. As for anyones chances of implementing even the remotest idea about my demise. Bring it on you will fail!

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Also, they’d have to make sure you killed them the day it was legal, and not before or after. No?

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Maybe not kill all the way, run them over a couple of times. Just kidding

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I’d rather concentrate saving my loved ones on that day.No matter how good you are,you just can’t make everyone love you and they would like to make the best use of the day. I’d arm myself to defend my loved ones and in the mean process,I wouldn’t mind slaying a few trying to defend the people I love.

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what if you saverley injure someone on that day, but they don’t die until the next day.. does that still count?

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There isn’t anyone I hate enough to want to kill them. I don;t think I would leave the house that day, though.

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I would kill my boyfriends ex. She is a first class b*tch and she won’t leave us alone. She is my worst nightmare, and to have her out my life would be bliss. She would probably want to kill me to and then she can have my boyfriend back.

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@dalepetrie I wish I could give 50 great answers for your quip. There is no way I could kill anyone, no matter how wronged I felt. It would eat me up every second of every minute of every day for the rest of my life. That is not worth it.

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@belakyre Isn’t kevlar really heavy or something? Maybe not. Maybe it’s just hard to walk around with a kevlar vest on all day. Who knows.:P

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I don’t currently feel the need to kill anyone. I don’t think there’s anyone who would want to kill me, currently.

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I would not take anyones life away just because its legal doent mean YOU should do it…....
just hire someone else ;o) jk jk

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I can’t think of anyone who would want to kill me.
There are two people I can think of that I would like to kill (who in reality should be in prison right now), but I doubt I would be able to find either of them in time before that day was up.
Then again, I wouldn’t spend my time looking for scum. I’d be protecting my family.

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I pretty sure no one has hopes for killing me, and I don’t think there’s anyone who I’d want to kill.

It’d be interesting to see who was still alive at the end of the day.

Wait, why was this on my questions for you list?

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@Utta_J Hell yeah. That’s some mafia shit right thur. :D

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@Ansible1 That is so awful! I didn’t hear about that. I think they should definitely be shot in the knee caps for that one!

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I have no right to judge who and who does not deserve to live, so there is certainly no way I would able to wake up one day and start killing arbitrarily.

If murder were legal for one day I’d barricade my house and wait. Though I don’t see why anyone would want to target me for death. But (as I can see here) I’d have to fear random assholes that think the right to take a life is somehow owed them.

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@phillis Remember that Gary Larson cartoon? “Bummer of a birth mark, Hal!”

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Good Lord what a day that would be!!!!!!

@dalepetrie So basically about 99.9999% of the planet huh??? We would be extremely lucky to have 10 people left on the entire planet. Realistically prolly not enough to repopulate. God knows how far away those 10 people would be from each other.

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I have to believe there are more than 10 of us who don’t want to hurt others. And I’m a cynic.

King_of_Sexytown's avatar

@dalepetrie Nice to meet you fellow cynic.

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I know there are several people who’d love to see me DEAD…. most of them are folks I assisted in putting behind bars etc….. plus my sister adn her family who are po’d because I exposed them for the murder of my mother .

Then; I lok at my own list , YES I have a list of people who I wouldn’t mind bumpig off… probably never will ..BUT; it makes me feel better knowing that I do have their names on a list .. just in case .

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@dalepetrie Yes you are right there probably would be more, but I don’t think there is a limit on the ones that do decide to kill others. So you could have a lot of the population commit multiple murders and there wouldn’t be many left. <———-Only the people that lived their lives without stepping on people’s toes

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There about 9 interesting stories buried in that answer. Could you pick one and elaborate?

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@sjmc1989 – for me, intent is key. Everyone can fuck someone over unintentionally. I just mean the truly good people who just want everyone to live and let live as long as you don’t hurt anyone else, if the world and all its resources could go to well intentioned, peaceful people, you know…the hippie utopia ideal? Like, I don’t care what your political or religious beliefs are, if you mean well. It’s the people who think they’re somehow better than the rest of humanity, more deserving, and feel they can just do what they want no matter how it affects others, that’s what I’d like to eliminate. Impossible yes, but hypothetically, if I could “play God”, that’s how I’d do it.

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@jackm Ok; if you insist… There is a military man who I caught smuggling narcotics into the “Drug Addiction” ward at a military hospital. He was an E-6 and only had about six months left until his release and 20 years in with the Military.

He received TEN years in a Federal Prison, Dishonorable Discharge to follow, and busted down to an e-1… Lost ALL retirement /pensions etc .

At his trial; he SWORE that he’d KILL me and anyone associated with me ; IF he ever managed to locate me… so, since I am still alive , I would guess that I am still on his Hit List” ....

Hope you enjoyed that ; I’ve got about three dozen stories that are like/similar… then ; could start on MY own hit list .. LOL .

jackm's avatar

Do another one.

Vunessuh's avatar

@jackm LOL. That made me chuckle.

Corporate_Avenger's avatar

@jackm – Don’t encourage him…he gets going and he won’t shut that fuck up. He’s like a Chatty Cathy Doll once you get him going…
@HighShaman – Love ya’

HighShaman's avatar

@jackm If you insist… Take my own hit list this time…. On June 3rd 2004, my sister and her third husband came down from ohio and took my mother back to Ohio to “Visit”.

On June 17, 2004 my mother who was suffering from Dementia signed a power of attorney giving my sister total control over all of her finances .

On June 18,2004 ; My sistr closed out my mother’s bank account of over $150,000 and deposited into HER own bank account in Ohio…

On July 3rd 2004 a new will was made by my mother totally disinheriting me and leaving the entire estate to my sister .

On July 19, 2004 my mother died and NO autopsy was done as she was buried the very next day… I was NOT notified of my mother’s death until the NEXT day and even then, by a friend who saw it in the paper .

I contend that my mother lived under my watch for over FIVE Years with NO problems… she goes back with my sister adn after everything is givien to my sister , mom is DEAD…

Based on how things were prior to her death , she was 79; BUT in good health except for her Diabetes that was kept under control and the Dementia… and then following the “TIME Line… that my sister MURDERED our mother .

The first death certificate issued even said “Diabetes related” and “Congestive heart Failure” which if given TOO MUCH insulin can be bought on…

After I complained and started an investigation….. a brand NEW death certificate was issued leaving off “Diabetes” and “heart Failure” ..said “Natural Causes” ... Interesting to note that the Coroner was also the doctor that my sister used for my mom uo there…

Thus; I’d like to walk up to my sister’s door and point a shotgun at her beedy little eyes and pull BOTH BARRELS…. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that SHE is responsible for my mother’s death…

Angels21fvryoung's avatar

ok so kill them already, hell i would have

Corporate_Avenger's avatar

@HighShaman – Daaaaammmnnn! That is like a movie script. I mean that with all props. That is some phucked up shit, right there. If it’s any consolation, Hell isn’t even half-full yet, so maybe your sis has beaten the rush and booked a reservation early. May I call her a twat? Thank you.

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You’re absolutely RIGHT about the OD of insulin, HS. What I DON’T know is whether that can still be traced after this long post-burial. That isn’t where my expertise lies. Did you ever contact detectives about this?? Why wasn’t the ME’s report changed to suspicious? The case can be reopened and the body exhumed for an investigation. A judge would easily sign of on an order for exhumation.

HighShaman's avatar

@Corporate_Avenger You may calll her a “twat” if you wish ; I call her much worse .

@phillis I tried to get an investigation. The coroner was /is the doctor that my sister PAID to treat my mother ; and NO explanations are given.

The chief investigator for the Coroner WAS really nterested and that quickly came to a halt once my lawsuit was in place… and he informed me that “Due to lack of evidence” that there was no longer an investigation in place.

My attorney, who is a DA** good one ; said that to get anythng done ar even try would cost at least $5,000 to “begin” the process .. and then there would more EXPENSES that I just did and do not have…

As it was ; it cost over $30,000 in attorney fees just to get that will overturned… plus the $$$$ to go back nad forth to Ohio for depositions , hearings, and finally the trial… where after just five miutes of my testifying ; my sister conceded and the original will was kept in place.

Its a shame that my mother lost her life for $150,000… and NOTHING else can be done . I’ve checked and re checked… BUT; my sister go away with M U R D E R !!!

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yes! i would actually kill someone if they either did something to me in the past or present or if i just straight up hated them for a good reason. xD

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people who kill other people are crazyy mother truckers!(:

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That mailman who is holding my CDs hostage.

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