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What's something you have done for someone this Christmas that embodies the spirit of the season?

Asked by ucme (50034points) December 19th, 2009

For near & for dear ones for old & for young?

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Still finishing exams, its not christmas yet.

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@jackm Well of course it’s the christmas season. No one said anything about the actual day itself now did they.

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I didn’t kick anyone in the shin this year, so that’s something.

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I’ve been nice to people I can’t stand because it’s the season.

But come January, I’ll go back to being my same old nasty self…...

I’ve also spent a fair share of money to stimulate the economy, but each gift purchased was either on major sale, I had a coupon for, or I got extra gas discount points from the store it was purchased.

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@gemiwing A not to be underestimated achievment considering

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We have a big family, so have done a lot of shopping. Three kids, both of our parents and siblings, and my grandma. I still have to put together gift baskets for a couple of people, pick up stocking stuffers for the kids, and do some baking. I also haven’t gotten anything for my husband yet. I know what I want to get him, and planned on finishing up shopping this weekend. However, we are supposed to get a huge snowstorm starting this afternoon. My husband has to work this morning, and I don’t have a car. Most likely I’ll have to postpone shopping until tomorrow or Monday.

As for the important stuff, plans with family, that has been settled for a while now. Christmas Eve dinner with my mother in law’s family, then driving up to spend Christmas Day with the rest of the family at a cousin’s house. We’ll spend the night there, and it’s always a great time. The kids get to run around with their cousins, which I love. I didn’t grow up with a big extended family, so it’s nice to see my own kids having this experience.

@Skippy I get a strange thrill when I find what I want with a deep discount! My husband thinks I’m a little obsessive about it.

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My wife had this great idea that killed two birds with one stone. She had us all sit down and make out our Christmas list but the last one or two items HAD to be something you were willing to do for others.

On mine, I wrote to give free guitar lessons to my Pastor’s son. I know money is tight for them, and it would only cost me gas money and time to really help him get started on the road to being able to play well.

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@MissAusten At our local supervalue, you get 3cents/gallon off for each dollar spent on gift cards. 100 bucks in gc’s = 30 cents a gallon off.
Coupons, discounts, price matching, whatever it takes.

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