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Why does Fluther appear underlined?(see details)

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) December 19th, 2009

When I write ’‘Fluther” on the description,answers or comment section it appears underlined with a red zig-zag line.As you know the red zig-zag line tells that the word is written wrong,but I write Fluther correct so why does the line appear?

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Because your computer’s dictionary doesn’t include the word “Fluther.”

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To add to @laureth right-click the world and click “Add to dictionary” and it will fix the issue.

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GREAT question! How do you spell check anyway?
Thanks @laureth and @gggritso for the help.

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Safari does it automatically. That’s why my spelling is impecable.

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This is a bif off-question, but I just bought this new notebook with Windows XP loaded and Internet Explorer browser. How do you “turn on” the spell-check” function?

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Download Firefox, and ditch IE.

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IE doesn’t have spell check..
Firefox and safari both do.
I am stuck with IE (work computer)
I feel your pain.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@pdworkin @csimme01 Good idea, I’ll do that. Have Firefox on my desktop already +GAs.

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Does anyone else feel they are a worse speller because we can just rely on the computer now? I know I am. Not complaining though.

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@Jeruba: Of coarse you did.

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yeah, your not stupid.

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does “c” “o” prove i’m part of your snooty lil’ club too?

or is that overrkill?

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@Blondesjon: Why wood you want to be a member of a club that allows ewe to join?

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@gailcalled . . . my lo self esteam i gess. i don’t care for the marksist qweschuns eether.

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Ha, that’s ironic, you spelled impeccable wrong, which invalidates your point.

OK I daren’t post that without saying that I did see that was a joke. In real life humour is so much easier, with intonation and all.

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@Vincentt: In this case, if I said” Impeccable” rather than “impecable,” you wouldn’t hear the misspelling.

And why is it always the know-it-all Dutch who catch our subtle and devious verbal jokes? It continues to be very depressing.

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yeah, well you spelled “ironing” wrong, @Vincentt

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@pdworkin: Keep in mind that @Vincentt is about 20 years old and speaks and writes English better than you and me combined. (Try saying “invalidate” in Dutch or Flemish.)

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@pdworkin And I tried so hard not to make any spelling errors there…

@gailcalled In real life that would actually have been funny without looking cocky. sigh

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@pdworkin I caught the spelling thing right away. My intellect said it was a joke, but my autism said “shut the hell up”.

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I think your intellect and your autism each had a point.

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