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What should I use to clean my TV screen?

Asked by melanie81 (792points) December 19th, 2009

Just need to get the dust off….is it okay to use paper towels or will that scratch it? I heard years ago that rubbing alcohol is best….any truth to this?

Can I use the same for my laptop screen?

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Water and a clean microfiber cloth. Put the water on the cloth.

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Yeah, water and a cloth. No need for alcohol, it is mostly just dust anyway.

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Cool – it totally worked. Thanks!

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I use the same old fashioned method which has worked well for car windshields all these years. Newspaper. Cheap and plentiful.

First use several sheets dampened with water. Dry with a few clean sheets and sparkly clean.

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My mother is 92 and is still smoking in her house. i decided one day to clean your big tv screen. needless to say, it was covered with cigarette smoke. i sat back and thought. “what would clean this mess, quickly?”. i grabbed a bottle of 409 and sprayed at the top of the screen. i could see the nicotine melting away as it rolled down the screen. i used a half roll of paper towels cleaning this first mess. the second cleaning was not so bad. i used rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. this did the trick. i also cleaned her eyeglasses the same way. she can now see at least 30% better.

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Alcohol is only good for cleaning CRT TVs (glass tube)
If you use it on an LCD or large screen projector TV you will do permanent damage.

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@john65pennington Chemical cleaners can damage some screens, especially LCD screens. They are not made of glass. Your old CRT TV had a glass sealed tube, and Windex or whatever couldn’t hurt it. No longer true, nowadays.

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A shotgun. Seriously…Television will give you ‘Melon Rot’. You need to kill the TV before it’s too late.

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The best way I know is to use old dryer sheets. Dampen them slightly, wring the excess water out and clean the screen gently. This was recommended by the manufacturer as the best way to clean my new LG flat screen TV.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly I’m surprise they did not demand that you buy a special $20 cloth from them otherwise it would render your warranty void.

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If your screen is made of plastic, NEVER use ammonia based products on it. It will ruin the finish. And whatever you are using to remove the dust, even if it’s a really soft cloth, if there are hard/sharp bits in it, it will scratch the screen anyway.

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