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Do you think Obama is socialist and what it will happen if he is elected President of this great nation?

Asked by chino2k (80points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m an independent and I not sure for whom to vote, the only thing that I don’t want to see my country another Russia or another Cuba,Venezuela or some socialist and communist European countries

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Well, he doesn’t support state ownership of the means of production and distribution, so I think that rules him out of the socialist moniker.

I think that people over-estimate the power of the president to influence radical change. We could elect a monarchist and that wouldn’t turn the U.S. into a monarchy. Congress is the one that establishes laws, not the President, and I can’t imagine Congress going along with authentically socialist plans.

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Definitely not a socialist. If you pay attention to the debates and view his campaign speeches, he’s letting you know what it is that he wants for himself, and America.

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Socialism is very misunderstood in the U.S. for some reason. Obama is no more a socialist than GW Bush is.

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Agreed. Obama is pretty centrist, actually. I wouldn’t worry about the U.S. turning Socialist or Communist anytime soon. I would welcome a decent, publicly financed health care system, though.

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I like obama! I think we need a change! Since 1999 the US has gone down because of politications with self serving agendas! I think they should pass a law that says a polatications can’t make money from starting a war or passing a policy!

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