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Help me identify the origins of this doglike cartoon creature?

Asked by Beta_Orionis (3398points) December 19th, 2009


I saw Avatar this morning, and during the creature montage, there was a large dark canine creature with red eyes/patterning and long tail-like ears.


I was struck by how similar it was to a particular animated monster/creature I’ve seen in the past, and made note to mention it after the movie, thus exposing the problem, because I couldn’t recall where I’d seen the image!

It’s definitely characterized simple animation like that of Pokémon. In fact, we were both CERTAIN it was a Pokémon, but it’s actually not! Without prompting, @Aphilotus described the exact creature I was imagining, so I know it’s not me simply misremembering.

Basically, my question is: Do you know what it is that I’m remembering? Where would I have seen that creature before?

Main features:
– Clean lines and very graphic style (practically non-rendered, nearly flat)

- Lanky, sort of Egyptian hound/greyhound body type

- Sharpish face with a brooding look, possibly very little mouth definition

- Commanding, at-attention pose.

- Dark, primarily black, with red line patterning, possible along the ears

- Ears that defy gravity, in sort of a quick, simplified lightning-bolt/ zig-zag stroke up and back from the head. (closest ear comparisons, Bubastis of Watchmen and the “Gelert” of Neopets)

- Instead of having defined ears, the head just rounded away into the “eartail” things.

I also remember it not making noise or speaking, which rules out Digimon or (Monster Rancher?) Or if it spoke, it would have done so without moving its mouth.

I’m sure it will come to me in the next few days, and the harder I attempt to remember, the less likely I will, but it’s bothering me so much!

Any ideas?

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@rangerr Nope, it’s not a pokémon and is sleeker/less goofy.

I looked through all of the pokémon and a great deal of fan-art. and searched in all directions for more than an hour before asking the question.

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@Beta_Orionis I didn’t see that part of the question

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@rangerr no worries, it’s a pretty long description. Thanks anyway!

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Some form of an Anubis?

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@TheNimrod Only vaguely reminiscent.

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