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How can a person build their mental endurance?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16538points) December 19th, 2009

I tend to work in short bursts. I don’t put in too much effort into my studies until a week or two before exams, or unless I get a shock to the system. This doesn’t just apply to study either; it is the same for exercising, reading, and many parts of daily life. What are some tips for keeping up a sustained effort?

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Cross word puzzles and word search puzzles are supposed to help keep your mind sharp.

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Tape my photo to your refrigerator door. Add a caption: Don’t let this happen to you!

I’ve thought several times about starting a modeling agency. I even have a name picked out: Before & After Models. Depending on what life-enhancing product is being sold, I could also model myself for the “Before” photo. And if it’s a government warning type thing, like “Exercise or else” or “This is your body on no exercise”, then I could be the “After” guy.

It’s a win-win.

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Any endurance needs excersise to work, the two don’t exsist without each other. Any effert to use your brains abilities in a conscious effort to improve it’s functioning will work just fine. Community Global Innitiatives like this one is an excellent sourse of exsersise for the brain, the possible variations abound, as long as your applying an effort, as you would in physical endurance training, your on your way.

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It sounds like your real problem may be that you haven’t found anything that excites you. Find something that you feel passionate about and the rest will fall into place.
I truly believe people need a passion to feel alive. Your lack of focus may just be you are bored. Start with small goals, and then focus on gaining them. With time you may find something you care about. Volunteer work can help you realize what you may be missing.
Good Luck.

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It’s like body building for the mind…so I think about running 3 miles, I think about doing pilates or cardio, I think about lifting weights…I must say it’s fairly easy and I do think my mind is all the sharper for it.

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Diet and sleep. To sustain maximum energy levels you should eat 5 meals a day starting when you wake up…keep them small and full of real food grains dairy protein. Got to get the sleep too… do this and you will feel better and able to focus on what needs to get done!

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@Pandora That’s not really the case. I am interested in what I study at uni, but as soon as it is assessable rather than casual research it gets a whole lot harder to stay interested.

Thanks to everyone else. I will try some of these (not @Pretty_Lilly,‘s sorry).

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@FireMadeFlesh Oh!! Man!!?? Just think how mentally tough you would be after spending a few months in the Hanoi Hilton.

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You need self discipline.Try this to improve your concentration powers. Start slow, only 1mt a day for a week then progress till you reach 5 mts at a stretch.Don’t do it after meals.

In a darkened room, sit cross legged or in any position you are very comfortable in, on the floor. Place a candle on a stool in front of you so that the flame is in a straight line with your eyes.

Without blinking and while breathing very slowly keep staring at the flame. Don’t let any thoughts enter your head at all.After a minute is up close your eyes . You will still be able to see a revolving flame behind your eyelids. With full concentration keep on looking at it. If your concentration falls the flame will disappear.

This is a very good exercise to build concentration and self discipline.

Be conscious even in your daily life and try to not procrastinate. The second you enter the home don’t throw things around but make an effort to put things in their place.Do not put away for tomorrow what has to be done today just because there is no deadline. Keep on reminding this to yourself.

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@FireMadeFlesh What do you mean assessable?

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@Pandora When it becomes a topic that counts towards an assignment or an exam. I like casual study into things I am interested in, but not having to study it over and over till my eyes water.

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Maybe if you made it into a game. Think of something you really would like to have and deny yourself until you learn all the material backwards and forwards. Even exercising. I love candy kisses. The longest I’ve ever worked out and the most weight I ever lost was because of candy kisses and believe it or not burger king and subway sandwiches. Every time I did 20 minutes of working out I would treat my self with one candy kiss. If I jogged for 3 miles and went to the gym I would treat myself with a subway sandwich. If I only did the 3 miles or an hour at the gym then I would eat a small plain cheese burger with ketchup only. I was burning more calories than I ate so it didn’t matter. If I was going out to dinner somewhere I knew the food was fattening, I would eat a salad first so that I would eat very little of the main meal and dessert. Yes, I would eat dessert too but usally the meal was enough to satisfy me. Oh, bye the way, exercising on a regular basis helps elevate your mood and you may find your interest increase in areas you didn’t care about before.

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Put yourself in mentally enduring situations.

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@Pandora, that’s good advice. I’ve often noticed that when I exercise my appetite (counter-intuitively) declines to a healthier level than when I’m not working out, playing, or whatever. I can’t explain that, but it has happened way too often for me to think that it’s anything like “too tired to eat” (and I’ve been there before, too).

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@CyanoticWasp I think we are all conditioned on the reward system, and without one we loose motivation sometimes. (children) if your good mommy will buy u a toy or take you out to burger king or buy your favorite candy. Schools hand out grades and awards to make you feel you’ve achieved something till you graduate because its to far down the road. Jobs give promotions and bonuses (unless they are cheap bastards) to help you become more productive. Stores get you to sign up for awards and discounts designed just for you, so you are motivated to shop only there.

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