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Which flatscreen television is truly the best?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) December 19th, 2009

After much consideration and study, today i bought a 32 inch Samsung hd televison. i almost chose a Sony, but the worker said the Samsung had a brighter picture. how does Samsung compare to Vizio, Sony, Phillips, and Panasonic? after studying all of them for a while, i really could not see a difference in screen qualty.

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The important specs are the refresh rate, the contrast ratio, the resolution and how it is lit. A 240Hz 1080p backlit LCD TV will probably meet all your needs. And don’t forget plasma. No longer the prime technology, but nice blacks and no motion-smearing.

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Whatever looks best to you : )

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@john65pennington, oh, you got the absolute best possible set.

What? You want me to tell you differently?

I’m in the same boat, without a clue about what I want to get—someday.

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This comes from my brother who happens to be a Technophile:For some reason store clerks love to push Samsung down people’s throats!! I would not put much stock on what store clerks say ! 3 years ago we were at a Best Buys store and we had one of those morons tell us it would be better if we bought a 720p HDTV instead of a 1080p as the latter is an old HD format and was about to be phased out ?????
Top of the line are Samsung and Sony both are basically the same as far as Hi-Definition programing but Sony is superior as far as overall quality and features Hi-Def,Digital TV and Analog. Samsung does not fare well with Analog TV and specially in displaying 3:4 format on a 16:9 screen,it makes the picture looks like a fun-house mirror.
In the 32 inch size you might want to look @ Westinghouse it is almost as good as a Sony at a much better prize.

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I do really like the 240hz LED TVs. Super thin and awesome picture.

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I got an Insignia from Best Buy – economical, great quality, very satisfied so far.

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@Sixty_B aren’t you a AB refugee ? I think I saw U there once !

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I am a refugee from AB. i hope thats good news and not bad. after looking, watching and reading materials on flat screen televisions, i gathered up my trusty Consumer Report Magazine and whola! number one in all categories is Samsung. i think i may have gotten lucky.

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