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My friend's brother is an extreme homosexual, but he refuses to admit it. Should I let him keep his secret or help him share it?

Asked by sharpie93 (9points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

This problem really bugs me because he tries to pretend to like women to be near us. Please help!

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I think you should respect his privacy and let him determine where and how to share that information.

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If he isn’t ready don’t force him, he will hopefully be able to share how he truely feels when the time is right.

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you know I seem to ask myself this question alot except I believe my bil(brother in law) is homosexual. I think if they really wanted to come out then they would. Until then maybe just respect his choice to keep it to himself.

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an “Extreme” homosexual? Is that like homesexual acts while jumping out of a plane?

a scale of human sexuality:

Sexuality is an incredibly personal thing. If you are in a homosexual relationship that you do not want to keep a secret, you should talk to your partner about being public with your arrangement. If you are keeping a secret for someone else, you should respect their desires as you respect them as an individual. If you are just speculating, I advise that you consider the potential negative implications before proceeding.

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well ur always going to have those people that dont respect the homosexual and that hate them but u know what I say support him in anyway u can and help him say F U to those people that hate homosexual cause at the end of the day they are still human with feelings and you never know they probaly be they only people there for u. I have a homosexual friend and it really aint no difference in our friendship he cool like a cat.

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hey… i think you need to speak to him bout it.. that is if u 2 are close enuf…
as others have told it.. one’s sexual orientation is a very personal thing…. and perhaps, he wudn like it if someone whoz not really close to him speaks to him bout him.
however if you two share a good bond.. go ahead and talk to him… if he replies in the affirmative… just ask him if he needs help in coming out to others…
in any case.. dont pressurize him.. and please respect his wishes….
thats the best way you’d help him..

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That is not your secret to tell.

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