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What is the opposite of caffeine? Can i find and use it as easy as i find coffee?

Asked by Sebulba (892points) December 20th, 2009

No sleeping problems. Just curious
Also if someone drinks caffeine and then drinks the opposite of caffeine will the caffeine effects be reduced or even disappear?

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It’s called decafe, No caffeine in the drink. It’s very easy to find, usually beside the caffeine drinks.

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you mean coffee without caffeine? thanks but that is not what i asked for

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Painkillers, sleeping pills. Maybe alcohol too. Things that numb your senses and calm you down.
I don’t suppose they’re the “opposite” of caffeine in any technical chemical sense, but their effect is pretty much the opposite, and I do believe they cancel out the working of caffeine.

And you can get addicted to any of them, just like caffeine. A much more healthy approach is to drink decaf instead.

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Perhaps glycine. Here are a couple of articles I wrote about it. It is excellent for you and is helpful in getting restful sleep. It is also affordable and easy to purchase.

Advice On Glycine Powder From

L-Glycine Powder and Your Health

I hope this is helpful! :)

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well @justmesuzanne that is very interesting. in what products can i find glycine? don’t forget i live in Greece so don’t give me anything only-US

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There’s no such thing as the “chemical” opposite to anything, not in the way you mean I don’t think. There are things that have the opposite effect like @Fyrius mentioned, but they won’t really negate the effects of caffeine. They might mask them a little, but mixing them might lead to weird side effects and other bad stuff, too.

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Anti-matter caffeine! :D
Then again, if you drink that, you’ll explode and take most of your neighbourhood with you.

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@Fyrius Oh man, if I drank anti-matter caffeine right now I think the entire city would explode!! It was finals this week. :)

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Just Say No to anti-matter!

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@Fyrius That would be the best add campaign ever. War on Anti-Matter!!

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Warm milk has the effect of promoting sleep.

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Benadryl works extremely well at knocking out caffein for me so does Valerian root. I travel on the road often pulling up in my driveway real late and that means lots of coffee to make the drive. Pop a Benadryl and I am usually asleep ½ hour later.

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Have some tryptophan. It makes you sleepy. Plenty of it in turkey.

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Anything that makes you sleepy I guess. You can take sleeping pills or Benzodiazepine’s.

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@Sebulba You can find it in many foods – especially fish – so you shouldn’t have a problem in Greece! The second article outlines the sources of glycine. Additionally, your body produces glycine by converting another amino acid. However, it is important to get enough B vitamins to support this process.

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Theobromine…found in turkey.

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Caffeine is a stimulant. The opposite of stimulants are depressants. Depressants include alcohol, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines.

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chamomile tea
drinking lots of water to flush out your body
taking vitamin c to flush your body out

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Cannabis usually works in the opposite way. (You didn’t specify legal).

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@laureth so that explains the itis after stuffing myself at thanksgiving..hrm…

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Coffee will not sober you up but booze will make you sleepy if you drink enough, of course enough could be coma territory for some people. tryptophan(sic) from turkey or drinking warm milk or even hot cocoa will make you sleepy to a degree and if your not an insomniac would most likely be enough to let you drop off and snooze.

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Caffeine is in a class called ‘stimulants.’ The opposite class is called ‘depressants,’ which includes alcohol.
Mixing the two groups might leave you with no net change with respect to the degree of stimulation, but there are other effects that won’t be as pleasant.

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