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If you could be told the exact date & time of your death. Would you want to know & how would it affect the rest of your life?

Asked by ucme (49879points) December 20th, 2009

If you were told you were going to live to a grand old age that would be reassuring to say the least. However the alternatives require clarity of thought.

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that would a. impossible unless you were to be executed
b. a complete no no for me , i would pass on the info.

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I’d love to know, so I’d have the chance to say goodbye to everyone and have a good party :)

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I don’t know if I’d be capable of having that knowledge and not totally freaking out about it. I hope I’d have the maturity to use it to my advantage in terms of planning my life, but I’m not sure I would.

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No thanks,
I like having my death as a surprise…

Ideally, I want to get to the point that if I KNEW I was dying quickly, I would not change my life at all.

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i suppose you could cheat on youre insurance and make all your loved ones rich!

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The movie Big Fish kind of addressed this (knowing HOW you were going to die) and it certainly got me thinking. There are so many semi-risky things that I might try if I had assurances that they wouldn’t kill me (now serious maming is another issue altogether). So I think I would like to know “how” much more than I would like to know “when.”

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sure, why not.

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I would rather live each moment like it’s my last.

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Don’t want to know, could care less. Being told could help bring about one’s ultimate demise; somewhat like the idea that observing an object actually changes the object’s activities by simply being observed.

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I really wouldn’t care…. as I live the best life I can everyday…. don’t see what I could change or do that would change anything.

The ONLY reason that I might wish to know is so that I could call the ones I care about, who are in far away and tell them “I love them and Good-bye” for one last time.

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I already know I am going to die and if I knew the time and date of course I would live my life much differently. There is tremendous irony in that conceptualization and a very subject I have been wrestling with a lot lately. Knowing I am going to die and knowing I would do things differently if I knew when has forced some serious reflection of my current life I live. I will keep you posted as to what changes I am going to make knowing that life is too short.

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I would want to know. I would make sure my family was fully prepared for my absence. I would have all finances in order. I would make all death/funeral/burial arrangements so as to make the transition easier for my family. I would focus on the real priorities – love, life and service.

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I’d want to know…maybe I’d cheer the fuck up

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As the Great Dr. Johnson has said, it concentrates the mind wonderfully.

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Yes. I’d never have to worry about traffic lights again.

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yeh i’d love to know…i work better under pressure and could borrow vast quantities of money

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No. I don’t think I’d want to know.

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I don’t know when or where….I just know it’s coming, not just for me…but everyone. Death and taxes, man. Death and taxes. ‘Til then…..YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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No I wouldn’t be interested in knowing when I would die. I wouldn’t want to have the burden of knowing. I know it is weird, but I would rather have fun with my life, instead of thinking I’m going to miss this important moment, and this one because I am trying to make sure that I have a happy life.
I don’t live in the world of Gattaca and doctors can’t tell me what age I am going to die at and what disease I am going to die of.

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I didn’t use to think I’d want to know, but now I kind of do. I really hate suprises.

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I would make it a point not to be anywhere near that place well before and after that time…

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That would ruin my philosophy that I am going to be the one to live forever!

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