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If I came to visit your city or area,which local (not chain) restaraunt would you recommend I go dine at?

Asked by TominLasVegas (1229points) December 20th, 2009

Where do you like to go eat and would item on the menu would you recommend I order?In Las Vegas theres a place called the Omelete House that has breakfast to die for.

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Fishy Fishy Café in Kinsale

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Bistro Campagne in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.

@wildflower I was in Kinsale last year and missed out on the Fishy Fishy, guess I’ll need to go back now.

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Anchor Bar – birthplace of the chicken wing.

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Captain Hirams – Only place in town.

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WTF is Kinsale? Would you please add city and state, so those of us elsewhere can profit from your answer?

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WTF is Google?

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@UScitizen:Kinsale is the city – or town, rather – wouldn’t worry too much about the State (Ireland, btw), since it’s not US

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Bozo’s BBQ, Mason, TN…. Best cooked pig meat in the world.

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In Brooklyn, there’s a restaurant called Tom’s, not to be confused with the Tom’s Restaurant in Manhattan used for the exterior of the diner on Seinfeld and Suzanne Vega’s song “Tom’s Diner” (“Doot doo doo doo, Doot de doo doo”). I used to live near that one and the food was meh.

But Tom’s in Brooklyn. Oh. They make the best pancakes evaaar!!!!11!!! It’s a tiny place near the Brooklyn Museum.

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It’s a little place. The outside looks like nothing at all, but inside it’s a really nice place. Very good, upscale Italian style food. The lobster pasta is to die for.

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Probably one of the many Basque restaurants. I have no idea why Bakersfield, CA has so many. I won’t do the pickled tongue, but the rest of the meal is usually delicious!

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Zazu, here is where I’ve celebrated my bdays for the past 4 years, I just love it is awesome :D

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If you visited my town, Ann Arbor, MI, I’d probably recommend Arbor Brewing. It depends on what you like.

If you prefer Mexican, there’s a good one called La Fiesta Mexicana in neighboring Ypsilanti.

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mmmmmm Mexican food!Its hard to find good Mexican food nowadays.all the good ones here get closed down by the health department!

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The only restaraunt in town.

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@flameboi Argh!!! Instant music= instant closing of the tab!

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I live in a very small town in upstate NY wher by all rights there should be no choices, but we actually have two very nice restaurants. One, called Local 111, features seasonal local food, organic grass-fed beef, locally smoked bacon and ham, and wonderful baking.

The other one, Lagonias, is nominally a Pizza Joint, but for some reason has a wonderful variety of the freshest tasting home made Italian food that is a match for many of the great mom-and-pops in New York City.

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Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester NY. Bring comfy shoes, you will have to stand in line.

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The Purple Onion they have the sloppiest cheeseburgers you could hope for….Highly recommend it for lunch!

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Speaking of cheeseburgers, the 24th street car wash has the best cheeseburgers in Bakersfield, but I haven’t had one in 5 years. I just have to smell it and I gain 5 lbs.

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In Seattle, I’d tell you go to the Metropolitan Grill. They have steak to die for. It is so tender you can cut it with a fork. Keep your eyes open in there, because alot of celebs and sports figures go there too.

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I live in Connecticut. If you are in Milford, go to Cafe Atlantique say that Jill and Kate sent you and everyone will love you and The Athenian Diner. If you’re in Orange, go the Equinox Diner. If you’re in Hamden, Go to Aunt Chilada’s. Hell, just come to my house and me and my mom will take you everywhere!

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If you are in NC and close to Winston-Salem try NOMA or Milner’s. They both have amazing food without being too stuffy.

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Carmen Anthony’s, a somewhat upscale steak and seafood restaurant. Expensive but worth it! (Waterbury, CT)

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@AstroChuck GA! Have you been to Ella or Cafe Rolle in East Sacramento?? Mmmmm!

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Me and my wife are considering moving to the Charlotte area in 2 years. My question is how is the Carolina Ale house?Worth a visit?

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@TominLasVegas Well Charlotte is about an hour away from me so I have never eaten there, but I’ve heard of it. Wish I could help you out. :(

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@chicadelplaya- No. Haven’t been to either.

More suggestions for Sacramento-

Great tapas and the best sangría anywhere can be found at Tapa The World.
Both Ernesto’s and Tres Hermanas have fantastic Mexican food.

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RB Drive In. They have the best cheeseburgers I have ever eaten. We call them greasy cheesies. I would also reccomend an order of Texas Toothpicks. Its battered strips of onions and jalapenos deep fried. Or pickle o’s. Deep fried pickle slices. We dip them in ranch dressing. <Sheesh! I’m so hungry right now> if you ever plan a trip to south central Kansas let me know. I will give you directions!

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Mayflower-Walnut prawns
Golden Chopsticks-Beef Chow Fun
Pacific Cafe-Clam Chowder
Chino’s-Carnitas Super Burrito
Bill’s-49’r Burger
Shanghai Dumpling-Soup Dumplings
Simple Pleasures-Coffee
The Sweet House-Crepes & Milk tea
Aziza-Lamb Shank

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kaya’s in theal berkshire they filmed a lot of the borrowers movie there—its not a restaurant but a carvery takeaway the pizzas are done in a real pizza oven—pizzahut is such crap

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Sakura. a japanese restaurant that serves the best sushi…

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@UScitizen I lived next door to Bozo’s the summer of 83. drum corps. in the old school.

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Seafood Junction in Mississippi , it is so good .

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I would take you to Yesterday’s, a locally owned & operated place here in Columbia, SC with THE best Confederate-fried steak in the universe!! And I’m only an hour south of Charlotte!!

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