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What do you think/feel when you see this?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) December 20th, 2009

This is the romanian president hitting a child in his election campaign 5 years ago(He won 5 years ago and he won now too after the reveal of this video)
It’s not a fake.

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It looks like Basescu wasn’t paying attention to whom he was extending his hand. He was talking with two other apparent admirers while extending his hand in a rather oblivious way. The young teen, judging by the look on the teen’s face, does something inappropriate to Besescu’s extended hand. Without thinking Basescu swats the kid.

Judging by the look on the kid’s face, after he was swatted by Basescu, the kid wasn’t really all that surprised that Basescu reacted that way. The child jumps back, but his face before and after indicates that he had been up to something odd.

I replayed the video and it appears that the child was fondling the tips of Basescu’s extended right hand. Very weird behavior.

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Since there was someone blocking the view most of the time, it’s difficult to know exactly what the kid was doing.

However, he has a laughing expression on his face afterward, so I can’t imagine any harm was done. It’s not as if he just walked up to a kid and just just randomly backhanded him.

The kid obviously did something to provoke what looks like a reflexive reaction.

Mountain out of a molehill is my basic reaction.

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maybe it was for good luck?

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More evidence of the increasing outdatedness of the ‘idea’ of countries.

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Nicolae Ceau┼čescu used to kill children. Compared to him Basescu must seem like a humanitarian.

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You can’t even see what happened. Just as @Buttonstc says, the kid appears to be laughing afterward. I wouldn’t be surprised if Basescu didn’t even make contact and just tried to make him flinch as a joke. At the very least, it comes off as an accident. I’d need to know more… is there news of the kid’s afterthoughts of the incident?

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I looks to me he was telling his kid to get back from this crazy lady. Almost like kid pay attention I have a kook here use common sense and keep your distance from crazy ladies like this.

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Like to others what struck me was the kid’s expression after the “hit”. It seems to me he finds it fun rather than anything else. Hard to see from the video what’s actually happening, though.

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