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Do you think that society and the media encourages the "I am a victim" mentality?

Asked by Shemarq (1494points) December 20th, 2009

I am not talking about the true victims—i.e. children that are abused, women that are raped, etc. I am talking about the people that are claiming to be victims because of transgressions of the past that we have no control over, people that are offended over every little thing, etc. People that blame everyone else for their own choices. It seems like the media and society (and don’t forget the ACLU) reward this. I am of the mind that you are responsible for your actions. Life is not fair and not perfect. What do you think?

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“Society and the media” encourage people to be distracted by all sorts of things.

The more problems, complaints and distractions people have, the less likely people will learn what’s really going on.

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@SABOTEUR You bring up a very good point.

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When i was a U.S. Marshal, we had to be present in court cases in Federal Court. we would hear some of the most outrageous lawsuits filed. one in particular has stayed in my mind. this American Indian had filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government, for not allowing him to worship his pet rock in the prison. you heard it right. his pet rock was about 10 inches in diameter and could have easily been used as a weapon. after hearing the opening arguements, the judge immediately ruled this as a frivilous lawsuit. this one lawsuit cost the taxpayers $25,000.00 dollars. what a waste.

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@john65pennington Exactly! That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about!

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Life sucks. Life isn’t fair.
But that is what’s so great about it. Those people you speak of are the one’s who can’t accept that. If they did, they would be capable of embracing everything that comes their way. The good. The bad. The ugly. Hence, being mature enough to take responsibility for their own actions or at least being optimistic when it comes to fucking up. Those people you speak of are also incapable of learning from their mistakes because to them, they can do no wrong, but everyone else can. They’re stunting their own growth.
Of course, there are always things that happen that are out of our control that make life hard. Death of a family member, death of a friend, illness etc.
And it’s okay to feel like life isn’t fair. It’s fair to feel like life isn’t fair because it isn’t.
What I feel the media does is make people feel like it’s normal or okay for us to ignore our problems.
It also shows examples of ‘perfection’. That happy family on television, those beautiful models in magazines, the rich and famous. It brainwashes people, mainly our youth, into thinking that having an amazing body and tons of money is what you should strive for. This ultimately makes people less happy in my opinion because the only thing they can fall back on is the fact that life isn’t fair. Well fucking DUH.
My question is why would anybody want life to be fair? How fucking boring. No challenges. No risks. No struggles or hardships. The shit that comes our way is what builds character in us the most. It gives us backbone. The ones who have that negative, pessimistic attitude and blame everyone else for what they’re doing wrong will never grow and learn to appreciate life.
I don’t know if the media and society actually reward this, but they sure as hell don’t give us any reason to be happy with what we’ve got by telling us that we aren’t ‘hip’ and ‘in’ if we don’t have this and that which in turn makes people look at their life and feel incompetent. But those people depend too heavily on the media anyway. It’s their own damn fault. hard to blame the media.

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I have no fucking clue what I just wrote by the way. I just went off on one of my passionate speeches.

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@Vunessuh I think that is stated beautifully. Like you said, overcoming hardships and dealing with the shit that life throws at you builds character and makes you a stronger person. And you are right on the money when you said that people are incapable of learning from their mistakes because they can’t accept their own part in it.

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@Shemarq Thank you. I have nothing else to add to that. I’m pooped. :D

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Yes, but in my case it is true, I am a victim of everything. Including dry skin. Poor me!!;^)

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@Sir_Mikey you are just the victim of being a goofball! ;-)

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Those kind of people should probbaly appreciate the freedom they have. Life and society isn’t perfect, but it could be way worse.
I say if you complain lots, there’s really nothing wrong. I’m sure people in other countries are too busy getting decapitated or oppressed to complain about it.

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@Symbeline Excellent point!

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@Shemarq I realize I didn’t even answer the question lol. I’m not sure if the media encourages this, if it does, it might be indirectly, unless it’s a conspiracy along the lines of idle hands are the Devil’s tools. Either way, people should rely on real life rather than glamorous exploitation of morality, ideals and values, no matter how embedded those are in the media.

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American media and society, sure. Get a generation addicted to eating McDonalds, let them breed and raise their kids on the same food, watch that generation of kids grow to unbelievable proportions and with horrible health then turn around and blame the media, blame the corporation and blame several sets of parents for all the mess.

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Absolutely. You ever hear the defense: “my baby didn’t do nothin’!”

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No, only responsible people take responsibility for their own behavior, and there aren’t very many of those around. Society and the Media are nothing more than an expression of what already exists.

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Definitely. Especially in the tragedy stories in the news. And people telling their stories about their unfortunate circumstances etc.

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