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Does Fluther have a spell check option built in?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) December 20th, 2009

I don’t have one on my toolbar any suggestions?

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No, it deosnt.

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Chrome and Safari both offer spell check while your using them, and both are free to download.

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You can download the Spellcheck for the Yahoo toolbar. It does a decent enough job. If you have Firefox, it has its own Spellcheck that finds mistakes and underlines them in red; righ click to bring up some suggestions.

But no, Fluther doesn’t seem to have any at all.

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Usually that is a browser feature, not a site-specific feature.

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Uflortuneatly noth.

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Firefox has a built-in spell checker for every text field.

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Google seamonkey, its the old firefox all in one app. It works great.

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And welcome to Fluther.

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I also use Firefox, in part because of the spellcheck (which is sometimes incorrect, BTW), but also because it behaves better than Internet Explorer and gives me access to more sites than Safari does.

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Just mouse oer the word underlined in red and right click the mouse for suggestions. Just like you were to copy and paste.

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Yes, and ironically enough, Fluther doesn’t count as a word.

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Then again, every spell checker is sometimes incorrect.

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@Fyrius – I know that and you know that, but the powers that be at our local newspaper seem to think that now they have spellcheck they no longer need proof readers. Interestingly enough, the article that reported the retirement of the last human proof reader had 17 spelling errors in it.

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