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How many aliens are currently living on Earth, disguised as human?

Asked by HungryGuy (16008points) December 20th, 2009

How many aliens are currently living on Earth, disguised as human?

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You would have to get in touch with the MIB and get the most current number. Most will have gone home for the Holidays though.

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@toomuchcoffee911 glorfxyl doesn’t count. He isn’t disguised. He is a returning abductee.

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The number is undetermined at this time….

Perhaps when they take the census, one of the questions will be ; “Are you a disguised alien ?”

Then; we will have an accurate count.

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@toomuchcoffee911 ; I beg to differ. It is 23,487. I think you are confused and thought they were only asking about the US. They asked, “On Earth.” ~

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If I tell you, you’ll have to be “disppeared.” Is it really that important to you?

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Removed by The Men In Black.

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The more important question is, how many humans are living on earth, disguised as aliens disguised as humans and pretending to be aliens with not-so-human attributes; but what you really should be asking is why are the humans so worried about celebrities and not showing enough concern about aliens pretending to be human on earth.

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We are from France.

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@camouflage_pants – But the celebrities are aliens. That’s why they are so involved with substance abuse and strange fashion.

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Why? What have you heard?

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Well let’s see there’s Mr and Mrs Duggar and she’s pregnant with their 19th and their first kid already had 1 kid so…

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – You are behind the times. Number 19 has been born and is named Josie Brooklyn. Mrs. Duggar needs to start working on number 20.

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@Darwin are you serious? lol…omg, you’re right
now we have to move..

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Some of you just do not know it yet.

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We are many….

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Have you been watching V?

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…must buy more aluminum foil….

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According to my father, most humans are aliens.

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And most aliens are human.

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According to the Scientologists, all humans are aliens. The ones on Earth are just those banished from Galactic Central for bad behavior.

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According to Calvin, every elementary school teacher.

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My next door neighbor… crappy disguise though.

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Well duh every teacher, political leader and every person of importance and all aliens and don’t even get me started with the illuminati families they are all aliens

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@Symbeline – Ah, I loved Calvin! :-)

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I know of only one for certain. My next door neighbor. But I suppose it is like cockroaches. If you see one there has to be more someplace.

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The New York Times has said nine so far.

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There are currently 47 species of aliens here but the number of them? Who knows?

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