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What is the nicest compliment you've been paid?

Asked by bubblegum71 (97points) December 20th, 2009

Just wondering how people feel about various compliments and how they take them. I love being complimented myself :)

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A couple weeks ago, out of the blue, my husband of 13 years turned to me and said “I am so glad you married me.”. That just melted my heart.

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Here are two of the nicest, yet strangest compliments I’ve ever received.

“You make me want to be sober.”
“When you speak, I listen and I don’t do that for very many people.”

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“I’ve come to find that you’re a sincere and genuine man.”

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I love the way you think :)

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May sound silly, but I received this compliment from a 3-year old: “you’re the best artist and teacher ever”
I believe that a compliment from a child is really the most sincere there are, they don’t have any other motives to compliment you other than to tell you what’s in their mind

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Without a lot of explaining ; it was “Thanks for saving my life .”

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One of my yoga teachers told me I had a “nice face” in her cute little Mexican accent lol. I was all sweaty and bare-faced, so it was especially nice to hear that :)

The man who taught my World Religions class said that my final paper was “very strong.” That felt great as well =)

”...You’ve got it together, and you’re going places, I know it.”– @jmah =D

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When i retired from the police department, i was told in front of a crowd, that i was the only police officer that has ever retired, with an unblemished conduct record. thats a record for my department and it sent chills up and down my spine. not bad for 44 years in uniform. it made me extremely proud…..proud that maybe some other officers will follow in my footsteps.

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Well I’ve received a lot of nice ones over the years and I think I like them all. Some of the best I have ever recieved were unexpected and frankly flabbergasting. Take this one for example:

“You remind me of a teacher, you always say wise things and you act so mature”

That one was pretty weird for me, not to mention flattering, as it was from a stranger and I’m pretty young. Along with this compliment there are several others that really make me feel cheerful whenever I think of them.

“I’ve always admired you for your strength and boldness. You are truly a unique person.”

This one really warmed my heart. Not to mention the compliments I’ve received from my teachers as well. I don’t remember them word for word but some of the best ones talk about my “great writing skills” and about how I will go far in life. Compliments are almost always nice to hear. Great question by the way. :)

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“You are a nice colour to be” – I am quite fair

“My grandmother doesn’t like Butter Cake but she eats yours” – I almost jumped for joy when I heard this.

“My 5 year old is sitting on the sofa eating this and going “Mmmmm…mmmm…mmmmm!” – awwww. This was a review of one of my sandwich recipes.

“You write very well” – from one of my lecturers.

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“You are the sweetest, most smartest girl I’ve ever met.” coming from one of my residents at the nursing home I did clinicals at and to top it off she gave me the biggest smile ever!—I started tearing up.

“You were just bumped to my #1 spot on most beautiful feet list of mine” a guy in one of my classes once told me then he wasn’t able to take his eyes off of them. It made me smile

After writing a paper in my general english class my junior year “You do not realize how intelligent you really are. What are you doing in this class? Take honors!”

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Besides “would you marry me?” :) Well, the teacher I had for sophomore year English had been planning to retire that year, but she stuck around another two years until I graduated, so I could take her AP and independent study courses. Wow.

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One day out of the blue an old landlord of mine (who I had some difficult experiences with and with whom I certainly didn’t see eye to eye) called me to say that I still had my bond sitting with the government department that holds bonds in NZ. She said she would send me a form to which we both sign and then mail to the government department to have it released into my account.

When I received the form, she had deducted $300.00 for cleaning costs and damage to the vinyl flooring in the kitchen (which were not caused by me but the new tenants who occupied the property following my departure).

I was quite upset about this considering she was too busy holidaying to even complete an exit inspection for me when I left. I had found new tenants for her and had cleaned the apartment immaculately. As her son had signed up the new tenants, they were now in contract with her for cleanliness etc, not me. She was fully aware of these circumstances too.

So I rang her and explained that I was not prepared to pay this for the reasons stated above. I quoted my rights through various Law Acts regarding renting etc and explained that her failure to carry out the appropriate inspections were not my responsibility.

After much arguing, she said “Fine then, you can have the whole bond back. Are you happy?” I said ”“Well, of course, thank you.” She then said “You are a hard little lady, you know that!?” ... I was VERY flattered and was about to thank her for her kind compliment when she hung up on me! LOL

Epic win.

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“You’re a better man than most”

“You are my values”

“Gawd must have brought you to me”

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My twins told me that their friends decided I was the “coolest dad”.

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“You are a good mom.”

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My Dad told me that I was just like my Grandmother. I loved my Gran with all of my heart and soul and so it means such a lot to me. They’re both gone now so it means even more now.
hugs xx

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Wow…you’re toenails are not quite as thick and yellow as they used to be!

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someone recently told me that they admired my stubborn stick-to-it-ness, my persistent tenaciousness, and the the way I stood up for my right to exist no matter the number of people that decided otherwise. He said that he would be disappointed in me were I not to do the things he expected a person like me to do. I could give you the details, but then I’d have to kill you.

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Being told I was a “guardian angel” by someone very dear to me who has been going through a rough patch. I have had many challenges in my own life, so I try to be sensitive to the pain of others, and realizing that my friend felt that I had been kind and supportive made me feel quite good. Compliments can make you feel good, but humbled at the same time!

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