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About 24 km/h

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32 ft / second squared… if they’re running in the air.

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that’s not very specific
for example, if you took someone off the street and forced them to run as fast as they could, they could probably sprint at 10–15 mph…
but if you told them to run a mile (1.6k), it could take anywhere between 6–20 minutes, if your person is “average”

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I think dh is looking for an average top speed.

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A few years back when I was training for a marathon I ran by one of those things on the side of the road that clocks and displays how fast cars are going- you know to “encourage” people to slow down. My friend and I stopped our workout and kept sprinting by the motion sensor to see how high we could get it.

The winner proudly claimed 17 miles an hour.

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@ BCarlyle : The question was EVERAGE HUMAN BEING.When You run marathon,You are not everage.

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@dine, i think he realizes it, but it just so happens that he probably doesnt have the stat for an average human so he gave the input that he had to give

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Remember in the movie the fugitive? the lead agent gave an estiment of how fast the average person ran. the he calculated the terrain among other factors. i am looking for some type of extimate like that.
thanks for any comments.

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not fast enough if one lives in the bushveld of africa being chased by a lion, why do you want to know?

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to bad “everage” is spelled “average” idiot. Before you make a smartass comment, make sure you sound smart.

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“to bad” is actually spelled Too bad, exstimate is actually spelled estimate and the record top speed for sprinters under 100 meter sprints is set at 30 mph. when you look into resistance running, as opposed to sprinting, such as a marathon run the average speeds drops to 18.3 mph on running periods over 60 minutes. rough terrain, weather and visibility conditions, as well as carrying equipment slows this speed even further. My special ops team and I took little over 18 hours to complete a 32 mile jog carrying an average of 30 pounds of gear and a rifle under strenious conditions including high humidity, 5 to7 degree slopes, sporadic rain and intense heat in the Colombian jungle. by the time we stop almost all of us were cramping or presenting muscular fatigue of some sort. our speed never went over 2 miles per hour but the terrain and conditions where daunting enough. Hope the example helps.

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Boy what a difficult question to answer… globally I would make a wild *ss guess that the average is around 5–6 mins per kilometer or 10–12 km/h. If your going to run a whole kilometer on a flat surface.

What do I base that on… well knowing that most people do not excercise heavily I took the general speed of top runners who would represent the top percentile of all people… I divided the men’s world record for the 5k by 5 and multiplied by 2 for a rough global average low and doing the same with the women’s record makes the high. This is of course a wild estimate.

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the average for my highschool fitness class is 2k in 7–15 minutes wothout stopping, im a 18 year old girl and i dont run regularly and i finished in 10.5 minutes thats about 12km/h, hope that helps.

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This is the meanest message board I’ve ever seen.

The truth is, there’s no way to know the “average”. What are you going to do, get some 80 year olds to sprint so you can make sure to add them to the average? Grab babies out of incubators and lure them on with swollen wet nurses to see how quick they do 100m?

Put it this way: if you are over 15 years old but under 40 and can run 15mph on flat ground you are doing well. If you are over 50 years old or under 10 and can do 10mph, good for you.

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