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I'm curious why... (is that ok? mods) there is no award for having your first question moderated?

Asked by EdMayhew (1404points) December 20th, 2009

There should definitely be an award for asking your first unsuitable question, is it something the mods may consider?

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Gee- that means everyone would try to write unsuitable questions. Fluther would devolve into garbage.
Nope- no award for it and I hope there never is!

~Our attention is reward enough! :)

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It’s probably not something the site wants to encourage.

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Indubitably…here comes dog now…ooops, he already dropped in.

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It’s not rewarding to get your question modded

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I wasn’t trying :( Just asking a fun question.

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I thought it was funny.

My very first question was modded. I thought it was a good one! It was legendary over on Answerbag… Oh, well. ^_^

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I wonder if you have to get more than one question modded. There are mystery awards and I was just hinnking that one may have to do with moderation. That feeding frenzy one maybe? humm…....... Maybe you need several….............

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Maybe that’s criteria for one of the one of the unknown awards… I’ve never had a question modded, but I have had several answers that were removed.

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Bah, I mean like giving candy to a kid at the dentists

Just to say, ‘I know that was not pleasant but it was necessary’


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Good thinking, but not the feeding frenzy one as I had that before I was moderated. Maybe if we work together we can, by process of elimination, crack the mystery awards code!


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My dentist always gave us toothbrushes.

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What a sadistic old bastard.

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@EdMayhew ; I just got cake in the frizzer and I don’t know how. I tried to get it for a long time.

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@Judi Well retrace your steps, is there anything in particular that stands out? Do you remember anything unusual?

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Fluther frowns upon public punishment.

It gives you points if you are added to a fluther. It doesn’t take them away if you are removed from one.

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@Judi – Would you like me to tell you how you got it or would you rather figure out for yourself? =)

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Good point,

But maybe fluther shouldn’t keep it’s domestic issues locked behind closed doors, perhaps it would be better to deal with problems out in the open? Maybe we could ask Dr Phil what he thinks?

“EdMayhew, do you think fluther unfairly moderated your question? Would you be willing to take a lie detector test to support that statement?”


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@PnL, tell me in a PM. It would probably get modded here!

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@PnL No fair!

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The Titanic Award

For your first encounter with an iceberg. Not that I’m making any allusions to mods as icebergs. I don’t care if they are Jewish.

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@Basketcase, that was a reference to someone’s Q going out on a maiden voyage (so to speak) and sinking (sort of). It was an awful metaphor, but I was trying to come up with something appropriately nautical and evocative. Sometimes my reach so far exceeds my grasp that it’s impossible to see what it is that I’m even grasping at.

How about a “Recycled Plankton” award, then?

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@CyanoticWasp I totally got the metaphor. You lost me with the last line.

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@Basketcase, oh, that has to do with a funny interchange that I saw once on the web. I guess that I assumed it was more popular than it is. I can’t re-create it but I can more or less summarize it.

Two guys meet in a chat room and exchange names. One of them is Wong and the other one is Greenberg. Greenberg strikes first, saying that ‘I will never forgive you Japanese for the awful attack on Pearl Harbor and the way they fought us in WW II.’

Wong responds, ‘Um… I’m Chinese, not Japanese.”

Greenberg won’t back down. “Chinese, Japanese, it’s all the same to me. I’ll never forgive you bastards.”

Wong replies, “Well, I don’t like what you Jews did to Titanic, sinking it and killing all those innocent people like that.”

Titanic hit an iceberg, you idiot; everyone knows that!”

“Yeah, well, Greenberg, iceberg, you’re all Jews to me.”

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