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How do you feel about the relative anonymity of the internet?

Asked by ccrow (8072points) December 20th, 2009

Do you think it’s good? Bad? I am a shy person & find it very stressful to meet new people. I am able to communicate w/many people via a website like this, because I don’t have to meet an actual person. If I was meeting many people face to face, I would be overwhelmed & unable to connect. Does it help you?

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That’s my favorite part! Nobody knows I’m a loser unless… oh, wait…

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Anonymity has its privileges.

For the most part. It is a necessary evil.

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It is great. It enables you to be truly yourself, without any masks or veils. (But it also brings out the worst in people)

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I’m not a very social person. I don’t care to go out to parties and other social events. I get nervous around crowds.
I love hopping on the internet and sharing ideas and opinions with hundreds of people and I can do so in the comfort of my own home, alone.
The disadvantages are very easily being misunderstood.
That’s happened to me like 5643568 times so far.
Typing is so black and white. The other person can’t see your facial expressions or body movements or sometimes the intent behind a question or answer.

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@Vunessuh that’s what emoticons are for!!

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“It enables you to be truly yourself, without any masks or veils.”

I can relate to that. But, self control does serve a purpose.

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I like to be anonymous on this site, I can turn to this site for pretty much all of my problems. I don’t know why I still keep myself anonymous though, I guess I wouldn’t want anybody I know to accidentally come upon it and know all about my problems and my life.

I don’t think I’m really anti-social… maybe to people who I’m not interested in befriending though. haha..

I don’t like meeting a lot of people at the same time though either.

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@ccrow That doesn’t always help. Bottom line, we all have a different sense of humor. We all behave differently and have a different attitude. We can mean to sound one way and can accidently totally come off another way. Then, we get tons of shit for it.
That’s just the way it goes sometimes, but it can be discouraging after a while.

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It is more difficult to communicate clearly through text.

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Oh trust me, I know how that goes too. :)

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@loser phhhf Not a loser!

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On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog

unless that is what you post as your avatar.

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I kinda like it but I always getting tons of requests by weirdos that wanna meet or MI/text/email me!

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I’m basically the same person I am in real life as I am on the internet, though I may actually be a little bit of a better person online than I am in real life, because I have to type out what I have to say, think about it rather than what I say just flying out of my mouth with no filter. And I can protect the parts of myself, and parts of my life that I don’t necessarily want to share with people. But I think the anonymity of the internet does bring out the worst in some people. The do things and say things they never would do or say IRL, it seems to give some people a way to indulge the worst part of themselves.

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@ragingloli try to stop giving good answers for a week or so.
The 10k mansion is a wreck after all this weekends orgies parties.

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I think it’s both an important feature and a significant problem. Because people are anonymous, they can pretend to be anyone they want on the internet. For example, I pretend to be a wise, empathetic, caring person. On the other hand, anonymity allows you to say things without consequence that you might otherwise never say. For example, I am a philanderer, and I can talk about what I’ve done and why I’ve done it without people giving me shit in real life. Oddly, they haven’t been giving me shit in online life, either. Maybe that’s because they don’t know I’m a cross-dressing dolphin.

Seriously though—for those with various stigmas or other difficulties that make social interaction difficult, the anonymity of the internet can make you feel safe enough to take risks. I’d never talk about mental illness in real life. I talk about it all the time here. Ad nauseum, in fact. I think there are some people out there who would rather eat barbed wire than read another one of my comments about mental illness.

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The plus side is…

…people can express themselves, free from retribution.

The down side is…

…people can express themselves, free from retribution.

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I have always liked dogs better than people. That said, most times my conversations with dogs tend to be one sided. So it is good to have a place like this where one can converse with other humans.

And the best part is, when I get sick of y’all, I just click on the apple and put you to sleep, hehehehe!

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