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Who's Cooking your Holiday Meal?

Asked by phil196662 (2671points) December 20th, 2009

The holidays are here and Who Cooks and How do you decide Who Cooks?

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Me!! & my husband!

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My husband is making pulled pork sandwiches for lunch with fruit salad (made by me) and then my momma is making a big ham dinner for us all at her house. We opt that I do not cook. Anyone else is just fine.

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Due to the economy “White Castle” one burger to a person !
Just kidding,we’re having our dinner catered therefore pleasing everyone.

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My husband and father. My mother might do something. I supervise.

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Me for the first time ever.

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My sister in law is cooking in my house. Good thing I’m pretty easy goin’!

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Me & my Mother in-law. She’s getting up there in age and needs a little help these days.

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I already have our traditional Christmas eve stuffed peppers made and tucked into the freezer so we’ll only need mashed potatoes made at the last minute.

My 19yo daughter and I conferred on a recipe for Christmas day crab cakes tonight and she’ll be making them tomorrow – a first for her. We’ll fill in with other goodies that are last minute easy.

Our extended families are in the Midwest and we’re in Oregon, so we only have to please ourselves.

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My aunt…that would be way to stressful for people to be coming here and us cooking ALL THAT FOOD. Yikes. Thank goodness for extended family.

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I’m always the cook, if people show up.

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I cook Christmas eve, Christmas breakfast, and Christmas day, but it’s for an ever-shrinking number of people.

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I’ll be cooking the big meal and Christmas breakfast. My husband and sister-in-law might make some of the appetizers and one side dish.

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Home Bistro

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I did yesterday, at my family’s annual Christmas party. Christmas eve will be me again, and Christmas day will be my mother.

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My mother did the cooking for many, many years, even though we did our best to gently remove her from the kitchen. Of course, she was the only person in the family to have a three oven kitchen, and my parents’ house has always been the largest one.

The solution that worked finally was our fortuitous discovery of a splendid holiday buffet at a local hotel, combined with my dad forcibly downsizing her into a senior living facility in part because of her worsening tendency to let things burn. So now, we go out. No dishes to do, and all sorts of goodies to eat. Works for me!

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I will be going to Winn Dixie and get a pound of Ham off the bone on teh 24th… some fresh bread , tea, cheese, and a half of a pumpkin pie…

That will be my Christmas Dinner after I get back from my obligations on Christmas Day…

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my auntie, dunno how they decided, she just is. lol.

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Yours truly. This Chambered Nautilus will NOT be serving seafood. Cooking up a nice spiral ham with honey glaze. My son’s been down in Ft. Benning for Infantry training but he’s back with us for the holidays, so we’ll have a merry Christmas. Wishing everyone else the same.

As to how did we decide I’m the holiday chef, I really don’t know. My wife is from Thailand. She’s a terrific natural in the kitchen. She never uses a recipe. Just cooks by instince. But she was unsure of American traditions and afraid to tackle something like a 30 pound turkey, so I cooked the first year on holidays and that’s just become the way we operate ever since. I love doing it and wouldn’t want to give it up now.

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No kids. My sister and I will rock Burger King and get drunk.

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My step grandma and I Chinese food all the way

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My mom, and my grandparents are.

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Potluck this year, so all of us. Except those of us who will buy ours at the grocery instead.

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