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Are you addicted to Fluther?

Asked by MrBr00ks (1737points) December 20th, 2009

I realized something in the shower the other day. I have read Stephen King’s “On Writing” a couple of times, and it says somewhere that if one is serious about writing, one would not watch a lot of tv. Fine, I say to myself, I don’t anyway. He continued to say that if you are serious about writing, you wouldn’t have big distractions to keep you from writing. So I un-installed all my games on my computer, even this mmorpg that I had been playing for some time, just so I could concentrate on writing. Here is my problem: I fill up most of that “free time” now, (time I don’t spend on school work and family) on Fluther. So, if you are on here a lot, do you view it as your addiction or hobby? (There is a difference in my view) Did you stop doing something else to have more time simply to spend it here on Fluther? (I looked for a question worded like this, and I did not find one, although I am not good at searches.) I am curious to know how many of you out there should be doing something else (like me) or how many of you just love this as your “me” time?

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In Soviet Russia, Fluther is addicted to you.

No. I can quit any time i want. i just don’t want to right now.

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Yeah. I’m addicted. So what?
And no, I’m not going to rehab, thanks.

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I’m pretty sure I am. It is a much healthier addiction of mine.

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Not addicted. I do enjoy it, but I haven’t compromised anything over it. :/

Ecxept mah digniteez XD

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Right now, I should be studying for a Biology exam that’s tomorrow. I’m on here, and doing multiple other things right now as well… but none of the other things are what I should be doing.

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who me?

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Just a bit. Yes.

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Actually, I’m addicted to shooting my mouth off.

Fluther just provides the vehicle for me to do so.

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I’m not so much addicted to Fluther, I think I am more addicted to the Jellies, I tweet with them, tumblr, CF, and IM them all the time. I interact with them more, than I check Fluther. Odd I guess.

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Yes. Yes, I am.

I’m right there with you. I don’t watch television at all, I don’t play any video games, I don’t do anything for hours on end every day except Fluther.

I wouldn’t want to give Fluther up, but I would like to cut down on the time I spend here, if only because I could be doing other more productive things.

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Me? No, of course not.
I only fluther ‘cause I get bored.
Everybody else here is doing it so why shouldn’t I?
I can stop anytime I want to.
Fluthering helps me overcome my shyness.
I don’t see anything bad happening to me so far.
My problem is no worse than yours.
I am the way I am.
I don’t have a problem. I’m fine.
If I didn’t do this I’d be doing something worse.
I only do it to relax.
What I do is not binge fluthering.
I’m not an flutherholic.
Fluthering helps me forget my problems.
I don’t want to be left out.
I’m not hurting anybody but myself.
It helps me relate better to other people.
It’s only a problem if you do it everyday. Well, I mean, every minute of the day. Yeah.
Now is just not a good time to stop. You know, the holidays and all.
If I don’t fluther, everyone will think I’m a snob.
I’m not nearly as bad as other people.
It’s rude to refuse.
I only fluther a little.
Fluthering helps me to be more confident.
Nobody is going to tell me what to do.
What’s your problem anyway?
I told you I was fine.
Leave me alone, goddamnit!

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Nope, but I’m getting there.

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I am totally addicted and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

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Depends on your definition of the word addiction.

I do spend quite a bit of my free time here.. mostly while getting ready for other activities. I still maintain an active social life… i exercize… i do lots of other things in addition to working. So maybe i’m not such an addict.

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I spend more time on Fluther when I am depressed, at the expense of household chores, profitable reading, self-care, etc.

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Hi. My name is Darwin. I’m a Fluther-oholic.

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I don’t think I’ve missed one day since I joined a year and a half ago. That includes vacations, death and Disneyland. Yes. I have fluthered from Disneyland; my own personal holy place.

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Isn’t Fluthering away from home why God invented laptops and wireless Internet?

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@tinyfaery ; I’m going back again tomorrow.

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Not yet, and as a former Answerbag Addict and a Propeller adict before that, I am resisting the dark side for all I’m worth. :-)

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@Darwin Where’s your meeting? How often do you go?

flutherers Anonymous now has chapters in 46 cities in 25 states. Flutherholicism will be in the next DSM. It’s a serious condition.

The only reason I am here is so that I can understand what my clients are into. Without understanding the concept of a frizzer, there would be no way I could help them. Of course, some things still elude me. Like cake. And awards. But I’m sure I’ll come to understand some day. And also, having a presence here allows me to have instant contact with my clients when they are having an episode.

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@daloon – I thought this was the meeting.

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@daloon ; You mean you don’t know about Cake?

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@Judi Not really, and I’m not going to click that link because it may be that I have blessedly forgotten that question. A boy has to preserve at least some innocence, you know.

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It’s not like pancakes. It is hillarious!!

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Heck Yea fluther is like bacon its addictive but not as bad for you as bacon

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Personally, once I find the all-encompassing how to lose weight/feel sexually attractive to your S.O./what are the easiest creative writing masters/phds programs to get into and how to get in/secret to getting published/have lots of friends thread, I’ll be outta here. Until then….

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Yes, unfortunately.

I love the information and social interaction I get on Fluther, but I still feel like I could be doing something more useful. I used to think I spent too much on blogs, but I easily spend just as much time on Fluther (in effect, I now lose double time everyday). I think I’d be a much more well-read person and halfway toward being a writer/creative type if I spent the same amount of time reading and writing.

Fluther, I don’t know how to quit you.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I am.

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No, but I do tend to go on here late at night and end up sleeping really late the next day. So it is becoming a problem.

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Well it is the slow time of the year for me, no customers, too damned hot here and they are afraid they will get marooned which does happen frequently in the wet. And I am in limbo waiting for the sale of the business to be final so we can move. But we can’t get the movers until mid January. So the only other thing I could be doing is packing.

Is there any wonder why I spend time here!!!!

Besides, it’s FUN!

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No way… I’m addicted to blueberry muffins!!!

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LOLL…love the answer, “yes i’m, so what!”

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I don’t inhale.

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Not addicted, but what else does a retired guy have to do!!! Well, other than play golf!

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No. Not yet anyway. °_°

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Fluther is my anti-drug

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