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Did you go to high school with anyone who ended up becoming famous?

Asked by TominLasVegas (1229points) December 20th, 2009

I went to high school with Jimmy Kimmel.His senior year was my freshman year.didnt know him though.

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My husband went to HS with Suzanne Summers. The guy she went to the prom with ended up marrying his sister.

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I haven’t, but my friend went to high school with Cameron Diaz.

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Well, a lot of people know me now (high school), I will become rich~! I guess that’s not famous, but it’s definitely something. ;)

Haha… I’m just dreamin’ but it IS my goal!

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I went to the same middle school Kat Von D attended when she was in middle school.

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not that I am aware of, great question though.

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I went to high school with a couple of billionaires’ kids. No joke.

They themselves may not be famous but I’m sure they will be someday for their idle rich ways…you know, fancy cars, big houses, and then some huge “SCANDAL” that they will no doubt buy themselves out of. :)

It’s kind of funny really.

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Actually I freaking have. I totally forgot. She’s not that famous, but I’m very good friend’s with Katee Shean from So You Think You Can Dance. If anyone has seen it before she was in 3rd place. Since then she’s made appearances in Glee, Step up 3 and has been on The Bonnie Hunt Show.
We went to middle school and high school together. Same grade.

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I went to junior high school with Judge Reinhold who became famous, then became not so famous. I don’t know what he’s doing now, the last time I saw him in anything was when he played a gynecologist on an episode of The King of Queens. He may have done more things, but I haven’t been paying attention. I also went to high school with a girl name Martha who was in a relationship with Tom Waits, many, many years ago at this point. I don’t know if his song Martha is about her, but I have always wondered about that.

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Went to the same high school as Ryan Dunn from Jackass. Also babysat for one of the guys that was on a past season of American Idol, John or Johnny somebody… don’t know his last name, he had red hair and was a real brat

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My mom went to high school with Madonna….. Said she was kind of a bitch.

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Jesus Christ…and Jane from Melrose Place.

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I went to high school with a guy who is apparently now pretty famous in the porn world. Nice guy, but troubled.

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No, I never have. Would of been nice though.

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I went to the same drama school as Ewan McGregor although I didnt follow it through as I got a “real” job lol. I met him once briefly, Nice guy.

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Not me personally, but my cousin went to high school with Kellie Pickler a friend from school is related to Charlotte they’re cousins.

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One of my classmates was in the Sydney and Athens Olympics (a swimmer). I didn’t like him much because he stole my girl, but he was actually a nice boy. Many others have become relatively well-known, but not worldwide.

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Hmm, I went to junior high and high school with Mike Moroski’s (ex-Atlanta Falcons QB) son, Ben.
I also went to high school with John Lescroart’s son, Jack.

And apparently Michael Franti (of Spearhead) went to my high school, but I definitely did not go to school with him.

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A couple of the star athletes at my high school reached the pinnacle of the jock profession. Jack Del Rio coaches the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL. Don Wakamatsu manages the Seattle Mariners in MLB.

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I used to hang in the same places in Georgetown as Bill Clinton. We chatted several times. I am sure he wouldn’t remember me, but I remember him!

Does that count, would have been college years, not high school.

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My friend from college has worked with many famous Musicians. They are Humans . Like the rest of us.
He likes to impress me once in a while. I am not very impressed. He takes pictures of himself with people.
I have pictures of a China Tour.

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He’s not super-famous, but I went to high school with a guy named Josh Greene who hosted a show called “Rally Around the House” and another one called “Ten Years Younger.” He’s had walk-on parts on shows like Frasier, and done a lot of voice-overs for commercials and an animated movie. He was two years older than me, but we were both in drama club and were in a couple of plays together. He’s very musically talented, very funny, and in high school everyone liked him. It cracks me up when I see him on reruns of Ten Years Younger, because he still acts just like he did in high school.

Another girl I went to high school with was in a Sandra Bullock movie. She played a murder victim!

In college, I sometimes hung out with this guy whose two older brothers played for the Cardinals.

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I didn’t go to HS with someone famous, but the high school that Brock Lesnar went to school at is close to where I went.

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None in my class, but Kurt Russell and Michael Richards both went to my high school. My sister-in-law went to school with Heather Locklear and another friend went to school with Heather Graham. I went to elementary school with Belinda Carlisle’s (the GoGo’s lead singer) little sister. Steve Perry also went to our local high school.

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My sister went to HS with Katie Holmes.

My sister got the lead in the play when Katie didn’t. :)

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My high school has produced a few Broadway performers, nothing real huge.

My mom graduated with William H. Macy. He was their class president. Way more impressive.

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Brenda Lee, Opry Winfrey, and i think Pat Sajack. all from Nashville.

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My bro went to high school with Bruce Springsteen.

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She is not really famous, but I did go to high school with one of Tiger Woods “lovers on the side”. He is so F’ed…

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Just him Same year. some classes together. High School friendship that didn’t continue past graduation. Too bad.

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Stephen Reich (the composer) and Gail Sheehy (the writer).

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I went to the same high school that the singer Brandie did and I went to elementary school with Tony romanowski from the broncos. Or that was the last team he was on.

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Rhett Akins. Went to school with him, still occasionally do work for his father.

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Yes. This girl attended my high school and was in one of my Englsh classes. I was a year ahead of her, but she graduated in 3½ years instead of four. Don’t know if that’s still possible in NY state, but it was then.

The big controversy was that she was 17 when they did her photo shoot. Her parents had to sign for this as she was a minor. I remember when that issue of Playboy came out. I told a couple of my guy friends (I was in college) that I went to high school with her. They begged me to get her to come to Ohio. This wasn’t going to happen as we weren’t friends. What with me being a nerd and her being hot. That led me to tell them to read the article where she was very dismissive of the “small town farmboys” from her high school. That quenched a little of the fire.

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He’s not “famous” yet but a guy I went to school with (and sat next to in science lessons), his band is having success in the States apparently and are always on tour. The band are called Sliced Peach and they are definately a case of “watch this space”.

I also went to the same school (and lived in the same street) as Jill Dando who was a British journalist and presenter before she was murdered a few years ago. She was at the school a good 20 years before me though.

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One of the guys I went to school with, a year behind me, was a writer/story editor/producer for shows like Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Futurama, Family Guy and American Dad.

It’s too bad we didn’t get along. I hardly knew him. It was just one of those weird “hate at first sight” things where he saw me in the hallway one day at school and made a face at me like I hadn’t bathed in weeks, and I thought, “And who the bloody hell is this asshole looking at?” We had one class together and he’d practically snarl if he ever looked in my direction. I never understood why and didn’t care to find out at the time. I’m quite sure he’s forgotten me.

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My sister played basketball against Lynette Woodard several times. Lynette was at a HS in Wichita, and played against our school.

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I went to high school with Kim Darby, who starred in “True Grit” with John Wayne:

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A guy that I went to school with had a speaking role in the film, The Day After. He played a soldier in one of the missile silos. On a slightly different note, my daughter was just cast as a vampire in an upcoming zombie picture. It won’t be released until late next year or soon after. She got the audition, did her thing and they loved her reading and immediately offered her the role. I’m really hoping this will be her ticket to fame and fortune. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her!

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I went to school (all the way through) with three semi famous people. One was a basketball player for Sweden or Denmark’s NBA equivalent. One is a famous opera singer and stage actor in London. And the other isn’t really famous except among the famous. She’s a high in demand behind the scenes person. I don’t know what she really does – but I know she does it for movies and television. (LOL, we’re not great friends.)

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I was co-workers with and am good friends with a guy who is close to Jay Leno. Biker Buddies and all. I once answered the phone when he called him at work. I said “may I tell him who is calling?” He was cool about it. Not “how could you not know?!??”

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My brother in law went to the same high school as John and Jim Belushi.

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