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Can you guys help me think of character names of a boy and girl..the boy plays guitar. and the girl plays piano?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (173points) December 20th, 2009 writing a book about this kid thats really into playing guitar..and wants to be famous..except his parents want him to focus on school and a good career..they force him to stop learning it , and he decides he cant take it anymore and leaves home to find a way to get discovered ..along the way he meets the girl..and yeah, thats all i got

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Boy: Evan Blue

Girl: Violet Samson

I pulled those out of my ass. Enjoy!

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Boy: Hunter Hansan
Girl: Makenize Johnson

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Boy: Chase Harper
Girl: Jacqueline Severson

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hmm..i like harper and samson..also severson..
but umm keep em coming!

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@Vunessuh – love it!
I agree, the girl should be named Violet ; )

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hmm, violet..or VALLERIE??

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Boy: Riley Kosten
Girl: Lilly Sanders

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@Violet Well I had you in mind of course.
@ShipwrecksInSand No, not Valerie. If you’re going to go with a V name, make it Violet or Vera.
@live_rose Lilly is a great suggestion too.

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yeah i like lily..umm,
aiden seemed alright for a boy

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Aiden? From Jon and Kate Plus 8? LAWL! I can only picture that cute little asian kid with the dorky glasses.

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haha, well this guy is.umm idk either gonna be israeli or canadian..
hmm help me?

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A Canadian named Evan or maybe Chad or Carter?

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actually! i liked Aiden and violet..
sooo..i need some kinda description for these 2 now

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@Violet He’s using your name. You can thank me for that. ;D

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Girl: Stav
Boy: Joseph

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BOY: Gui
Girl: Pia

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Boy: Martin
Girl: Kimball

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If the guy is going to be Israeli, how about Lev Shoshoni or Oren Leib or Noam Ardoni?

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Not sure for the boy, but for the girl, I think Melody Keys. Fits with the piano.

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Boy: Jack Kinley
Girl: Sherry Rosemont

Boy: Vigo Celestan
Girl:Yuri Aurelias

Boy: Ketzel Otsenfree
Girl: Happy Brightside

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Schlomo and Sandrine

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