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iPod touch has way more features and isn’t much more expensive. Ipod touch allows you to use Internet, youtube, and web apps anytime you’re connected to wifi internet. In my opinion, iPod touch is much better

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The drawback of the iPod Touch is the storage space. If you want a lot of music and maybe video player like the older iPods, the Classic is a better choice than the Touch.

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that’s true, the 80gb classic holds 20,000 songs and the lowest priced iPod touch (300$) holds only up to 1,750. And this memory is discluding the memory that would be taken up by photos and videos

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iPod Touch is useful if your have an medium audio library. The 32 Gb model is still expensive. iPod Touch allow you tu surf on internet and use Mail and other stuffs with a jail-breaker, and has a flash storage system, which means he is not as fragile than the classic. However, I own an 30 Gb iPod (5G) which fall severals time from 1 meter height on solid ground and always work perfectly.

As said before, Classic is cool for massive storing, iPod Touch is cool for mobile features.

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Simply put, classic if you want lots of space for music, touch if you want awesome features. (I personally have an 8gb iPhone supplimented with a 20gb ipod classic for music. Which for me still isn’t enough space.)

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Depends what you would use it for. If you wanted all of the awesome features of internet, web apps, the soon to be SDK and youtube PLUS the widescreen multitouch screen then ipod touch. BUT if you wanted just lots of music and functionality then go for the classic.

I personally own an ipod touch and find that it more than caters to my needs nand works very well.

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Classic has a much better UI for people who just wants to listen to their music.

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You can do so much more with iPod touch (app store). But there’s so much more space in the classic…
It would depend what you would like to do with your iPod.

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I have a 160gb classic and a 32 gb touch. Since I have bought the touch I am constantly playing with it. The classic has not been touched since. I highly recommend the touch after it’s jailbroken.

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If you’re all about the music or plan on having tons of songs and videos on your iPod at any given moment, get a Classic. But if you don’t mind keeping just a few movies and songs on it at a time (you can always swap them out every time you plug it in or just keep your favorites), and want internet, instant messaging, 3rd party apps, and/or high resolution videos, get the classic.
I personally don’t have that many songs and if I did, I would mainly listen to my favorites eliminating the need to hold my entire library on an iPod.

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If you like to watch movies on the go, get the touch. If you want to have all the music that you’d ever think of ever listening to (including audiobooks and any other audio), and don’t mind watching movies on a smaller screen, got a Classic. It’s basically about storage space right now. The Touch is still low on that scale, while the Classic is now just obscene!

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The epic space available on a classic dwarfs anything from any other maker, touch is still riding the gimmick factor there is no reason other than marketing that it doesn’t have a huge capacity, (as then apple couldn’t sell off their old classic model)

Classic has the added bonus of not making you look like a douche that plays with a touch screen wannabe tablet PC all the time.

You might as well hack a half decent GPS and turn it into a mini tablet PC then you can store your music on a couple of SD cards and have all the same features of a touch but with a bigger screen.

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