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Is there a sport or activity you used to do but can't anymore and really miss is?

Asked by Zen_Again (9896points) December 21st, 2009

For me it’s underwater diving.

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Skiing…back injury (DUI hit us head on in ‘91)...was an avid skier before that. Tried to ski one day in ‘96 and could barely stand up straight for a week :(

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Martial Arts

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I know its not a sport but I used to walk/run everywhere. I was always on the move, my friend lived a bit under three miles up the road and i never took the bus, it was just a short walk, and I did it in all weather lol. I have arthritis now and can barely walk a few feet without stopping, I get the most horrendous pain through the base of my back, through my right hip and in my knees. I hate it and long for the days when i was like the energiser bunny and always moving.
Hugs all xx

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I just don’t have the time anymore.

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Zen, played division one basketball and loved the game! Now, only play a non-contact sport, golf. But yes, miss it!

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@Zen_Again {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} right back,

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hey Zen, been on several cruises and love to snorkel….wow, what a world down there!

True story…was feeding the angel fish, and my now ex, was watching me feed them and “out of the blue,” this huge fish took everything out of my hand left a cut on one of my fingers…i came up out the water and said, “you sob!” ex was laughten her “butt off!”

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Throwing pencils at the tiles in the false ceilings and making them stick (way back in high school).

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Yes. I miss hiking, camping, walking longer than an hour, canoeing, cycling, weight-lifting and carrying all my own things.

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Ice-skating. I used to skate all the time as a kid. Now I rarely have the opportunity and the last time I did, I could still do it but I was much more nervous about it and didn’t feel as able to glide. My husband fell and broke his wrist that time also which hasn’t added to my confidence.

Also, somersaulting. I used to do that all the time and the last time I tried it – about 25 years ago – I got so dizzy I thought I would pass out. Haven’t tried it again since.

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@janbb I never could do a somersault. I ended up on my rear so many times I started calling them somerbutts.

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I used to love all things rollercoasters and amusement parks. They make me dizzy now.

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I used to love archery but my eyesight’s not good enough any more.

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Full contact martial arts is the only thing I won’t do anymore, not worth the long term damage to the body. Everything else I will do till they throw dirt on top of me.

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Skateboarding. From the age 11 all the way up until 20 you could find me with a skateboard in my hand or under my feet. I was getting pretty good at it too, that was until I got a car. Then I just kind of lost touch with it. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting one, just to try and get back into shape. I know it would too, because every time I get on one now, I jump around a couple times and get tired.

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Aikido. I moved from a town with a great dojo, to a town with no dojo. I’ve moved again, but the nearest dojo is still a pretty good drive, now with time, money, and the years away from it, I just haven’t been able to get back to it.

Hacky sack. I refuse to call it footbag. It’s just embarrassing to be a middle aged man playing hacky sack. Plus I’d have to find someone to play with, and I’m not flexible enough anymore.

@Zen_Again Yeah, I loved roller coasters, but I’m almost too tall, so they’re uncomfortable, downright painful in fact, and whether related to that or not I always have a screaming headache when I get off.

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@SirGoofy Do it now, man! I’ve got the right ceiling tiles over my cubicle, now to find a sharp pencil….

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Horseback riding.
Have herniated disks,bone spurs and a plate in my neck.

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Skateboarding. I still do it but when I fall I go home and drink.

Falling hurts. It didn’t when I was 20.

I’m sticking with basketball and bowling.

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@johnpowell Yea, falling was another reason why I’m still just thinking about it. I break something and I’m kind of screwed. Being a kid it’s easy. You can take those risks, because you don’t have the obligations you do as an adult.

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Riding dirt bikes…No place or time to do it.

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I used to play raquetball three times a week. That’s when I was young. Now that I’m 65, I take a walk in the morning.

God, I miss the sweat.

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Football. I used to play with friends this time of year. Broke a few ribs when I was 32, and lost my taste for the game.
I wasn’t fast, at all, but because I couldn’t run as fast, I had to become more sneaky on plays, etc. Really, it was a lot of fun outsmarting people who were better athelites.

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Basketball. I still play in leagues but it’s never the same as it was in high school. I miss playing in games that mean a lot more.

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Swim. I have developed a major sensitivity to chlorine and bromine so swimming pools are now totally off-limits for me.

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@Darwin You’re not alone in that. I wonder if there’s enough of a “market” for someone to come up with a solution.

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I keep hoping that UV filtration will get enough better and cheaper to be used on swimming pools as opposed to just small fish ponds and drinking water.

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I used to be really good at Jeopardy when I watched it on TV. Now my brain has slowed down and I’m not as quick anymore. I still know the answers, but they don’t come as fast.

It’s all downhill after 30…

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@Dr_Dredd I know the feeling.

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@Dr_Dredd Oh yes, I know the

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What did you say? Speak up and stop mumbling!

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What were we talking about?

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Ice hockey. I was a pretty good goalie in HS and college. Can’t do the “flops” and “splits” anymore.

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We were talking about ice hockey?

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@Darwin I thought the question was about sports we can’t do anymore

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land – I am just being a pedant. @Zen_Again asked what we were talikng about and the timing made it look as though you answered him with “Ice Hockey.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I think the question is about sports or activities. It doesn’t say the activity has to be physical. ;-)

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Volleyball. I can still do it, but like to kill myself trying! My body just doesn’t flow like it used to. Or absorb contact with the ground like it used to!

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Tennis, I love it, singles is my game. Because of where I have lived for about the last 7 years, I play rarely. No competition. Plus they either hide the nets or lock the gates here. No free courts like in USA. I really miss it. But where I am moving, it seems as if there is a pretty active tennis community, so I have my fingers crossed!

If not, I am going to have to teach my mate to play, heheheh!

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Ballet. Lessons here are not close to my house, and are ridiculously expensive. I do miss it though. GQ.

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