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Can iPhone send pictures through text messages?

Asked by ktgyrl03 (11points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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not just yet. There are rumors that it will be an update in the near future. Theyre going to have to have it as an update if their wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

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no, but our buddy Steve Jobs is going to start allowing 3rd party vendors to start writing new apps! This is going to open the door to texting pics and hopefully flash. That is why there has been so much talk about iPhone and SDK. I was told some of the previous updates to the phone have involved SDK tools in them which I think points to good things in the near future… Hang in there

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There is a web app that lets you do this, but I don’t remember which. If you search the list on you’ll find it eventually.

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Picture messaging is called MMS. The iPhone can send any photo you have via e-mail direct from the phone, so that kind of renders MMS obsolete. Of course, most non-iphones out there still don’t let you receive pictures in e-mail anyway, so that’s probably not a good solution if your trying to send a picture immediately to a buddy (who doesn’t have an iPhone).

Similar apps might include:
– the native app (if your phone is jailbroken) Twitxr, which sends a photo to your twitter account. Or the similar webapp Tittr
– there are many iphone photo sharing sites: Natuba, Smug Mug, and many more

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I send them to my freinds at cingular….. all you do is change the 5557871212 to your friends number send it as an email and they will recieve it as a mms txt…

works all the time using cingular…



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how do you foward a text to someone else?

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